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SCHELL valves - high quality and freedom of design in every detail

25 of August '21

Sanitary spaces in public and commercial buildings are the showcase of the companies and institutions housed in them. For this reason, at the stage of their design, a lot of attention is paid to the proper selection of materials and equipment, which must be not only aesthetically attractive, but also durable and hygienic. Quality should be evident in every detail, which also applies to the control valves used.

When designing toilets in public administration or commercial buildings, such as hotels, aquaparks, shopping malls or cinemas, ,attention should be paid not only to the prestigious nature of the equipment, but also to functional aspects. An important criterion for investors is the durability, faultlessness and ease of maintenance of the solutions used. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account all applicable standards and legal requirements, related to safety of use, accessibility for the disabled, hygiene and water conservation. SCHELL's wide range of adjustable angle and connection valves makes it easy to design and implement a sustainable water systemin any type of building, both new and renovated.

SCHELL COMFORT space-saving connection valve with vertical body

photo. © SCHELL

Wide design possibilities

Toilets in public spaces must be subject to appropriate regulations and technical requirements that dictate minimum distances from individual fixtures, the number and type of fixtures, and the use of specific technical solutions. This is sometimes associated with design constraints, especially in modernized buildings. SCHELL has been expanding its portfolio of valve solutions to meet even the most ambitious architectural challenges. Its control angle valves and connection fittings not only make it possible to safely shut off and regulate the flow rate of water to shower faucets, washbasin faucets or flush toilets, but also make it possible to safely install appliances in the absence of a separate connection.

Different varieties of valves make it possible to implement a bathroom design even in the most unusual situations. For example , theSCHELL COMFORT combination valve makes it possible to connect a sink faucet, washing machine or dishwasher from a single approach when no dedicated water connection is provided. Using separate knobs, the water supply to individual appliances can be regulated independently, thus reducing water consumption. In addition, the solution with a backflow interlock allows you to prevent the unforeseen consequences of a water supply failure, contaminating the installation and protecting the connected appliances from damage. A noteworthy solution in the company's offer is also thespace-saving SCHELL COMFORT connection valve. Its vertical body makes it possible to connect appliances in small rooms with a small distance from the wall of only 45 mm.

SCHELL valves are characterized by high surface smoothness and are made of the highest quality brass

photo. © SCHELL

High-quality workmanship in every detail

The prestigious character of a space often results from the use of high-quality materials. This quality should be evident not only in aesthetic elements such as wall cladding and sanitary ceramics, but also in the smallest details including the connection fittings, which perform the important function of a safety valve. In emergency situations, it allows to cut off or reduce the water supply, preventing flooding of the room or contamination of the drinking water system. High-quality water fittings should be made of pure brass alloy, that is, a combination of copper and up to 45% zinc, which ensures high durability and resistance. However, some manufacturers partially replace copper with other metals, such as lead or nickel, which precipitate into drinking water and can have adverse effects on human health.

SCHELL valve bodies are made of high-grade brass, making them extremely durable and neutral in contact with drinking water in accordance with the strict German TrinkwV regulation. Among other things, fittings formed at high temperature in a single forging operation are resistant to cracking under pressure, as there are no thermal stresses in their construction, as in the case of valves produced by casting technology. In addition, as a result of the electroplating process, they obtain a smooth, chrome-plated surface, which gives them an attractive appearance that matches any interior design.

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