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SCHELL products - the first alternative in the choice of mixer technology

05 of September '22

SCHELL products from the series "Fashionable bathroom - trends 2022"

SCHELL is one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary fittings. The functionality and design of its products have been appreciated by designers throughout Europe, and the SCHELL inside slogan has become a guarantee of quality and longevity. All solutions are made of high-quality brass that complies with the German TrinkwV regulation. The company has been developing electronic mixer technologies for years, and they are complemented by the SWS management system. The fixtures are available in mains-powered or alkaline battery versions, so they can be used in both new and retrofit buildings.

Bateria umywalkowa

SCHELL MODUS E washbasin tap


SCHELL MODUS E sink faucets combine a favorable price with reliability. Thanks to carefully thought-out design solutions, they are extremely resistant to any acts of vandalism, and at the same time attractive in design. Depending on your requirements, you can choose either a wall-mounted spout or a traditional stile mixer, with or without an anti-stagnation flushing program. Due to its record low flow rate of up to 1.33 l/min, the mixer is an additional asset in programs such as BREEAM and LEED.

Bateria kuchenna

Kitchen faucet SCHELL GRANDIS E


The SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen faucet can be operated by infrared or by a lever on the side of the body. The discharge time in electronic mode is 15 seconds, but can be flexibly set from 1 to as much as 600 seconds. A durable ceramic cartridge with a hot water stop protects against scal ding in the absence of cold water, and a high swivel spout guarantees convenience.

Podtynkowa wylewka
ścienna LINUS W-E-M

LINUS W-E-M concealed wall-mounted spout


The LINUS W-E-M concealed wall-mounted spout is distinguished by its resistance to damage, ease of use and aesthetics. The mechanism is mounted in the wall or pre-wall, and the only visible elements are the metal mounting plate, spout and mixer knob. Versions with 11, 17 or 23 cm spout are available, and the plate comes in two colors - chrome or stainless steel. The maximum discharge rate of 5 l/min guarantees water efficiency.

Spłuczka pisuarowa

SCHELLTRONIC urinal flush plate


The SCHELLTRONIC "A" class Well Public urinal cistern ensures exemplary hygiene and maximum water savings, thanks to infrared control and a discharge rate of 0.3 l/s. The slender body houses a cartridge solenoid valve with an integrated pre-filter that guarantees the longevity of the mechanism. Made entirely of brass, the housing is resistant to damage and scratching, and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

Bateria umywalkowa

SCHELL CELIS E washbasin tap


The SCHELL SWS system connects all electronic mixer components in a network, so you can use your smartphone to program, monitor and document the operating parameters of the devices. The highest level of plant hygiene is ensured by anti-stagnation flushing and thermal disinfection programs. By integrating SWS with a building management system, all water flow processes can be optimized. The system has received Iconic Awards and the German Innovation Award.

For more information, visit the company's SCHELL Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the PDA portal.

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