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SCHELL MODUS E - fittings ideal for sustainable buildings

01 of October '21

Modern buildings must be designed based on the philosophy of sustainable development. The sanitary spaces housed in them must be equipped with durable and economical fixtures that comply with the guidelines for eco-friendly buildings. With the aim of respecting water resources and providing investors with tangible savings, SCHELL created the MODUS E line of electronic basin faucets, giving them an original design. Their use is an added benefit in the certification process in widely recognized standards such as LEED or BREEAM.

Newly constructed buildings today are designed to reduce their environmental impact to the minimum necessary. Features such as energy efficiency or the use of green technologies have a non-trivial impact on the market value of the property and its operating costs. In the context of ever-declining drinking water resources and the rising cost of water treatment, a key element in the planning of modern buildings becomes the use of modern fixtures that will allow its rational consumption. Solutions that guarantee high economics of water consumption are especially required for buildings with high intensity of use, such as public administration buildings, shopping malls, office and service buildings or stadiums. That's why infrared solutions, which can generate substantial savings thanks to their limited flow rate and intelligent features, are increasingly used in them. In addition to functionality, however, what also counts is their high durability and resistance to possible acts of vandalism. All these assumptions guided the design of SCHELL's MODUS E line of electronic faucets.

Ecological, yet economical

MODUSE Trend faucets stand out for their attractive price/quality ratio, as well as the lowest water flow rate on the market at just 3 l/min, which can be further reduced by using an appropriate aerator to as low as 1.33 l/min! Carefully thought out in every detail, the mixer has been designed to provide investors and architects with the greatest possible benefits, both at the design stage and later operation. Its use allows for easy implementation of environmentally sustainable projects and obtaining additional points in the certification process in programs such as LEED or BREEAM. Durability and trouble-free operation of the mixer is ensured by a solidly manufactured body made of high-quality brass alloy.

MODUS E Trend faucets combine extreme durability with high water savings

© Schell

In addition, the faucet has a special protection against blockage caused, for example, by jamming of the infrared sensor. This avoids a possible failure of the mechanism or uncontrolled water outflow. An additional advantage of the solution is an energy-saving program when idle. Depending on the type of building or installation, you can choose a variant with a mixer in the form of a lever on the side of the housing or for mixed water. In addition to mains-powered versions, alkaline battery models are also available, so the solution can be used not only in new buildings, but also in modernized ones.

MODUS E faucets - saving in style

Wherever durability and economy are as important as elegant design, the MODUS E faucet will find an excellent application. Like the MODUS E Trend, it features a record low flow rate, and additionally attracts attention with its smooth lines and subtly beveled spout with a geometric design. As a result, it will find use in representative bathrooms in hotels, spa salons, cinemas or hotels. The housing with such a subtly contoured shape not only looks attractive, but is also easy to keep clean. Maximum hygiene of the installation is further ensured by an additional anti-stagnation flushing function. The faucet activates 24 hours after the last use, which prevents the proliferation of microorganisms in standing water and is suitable for short-term thermal disinfection in water at a temperature of 70ºC.

MODUS E faucets attract attention with their attractive design and practical functions for ensuring hygiene

© Schell

Design, durability and eco-friendliness in one - MODUS E HD-K

The MODUS E HD-K faucet has been given the form of a shiny, chrome-plated spout for surface mounting. This provides it with maximum resistance to any damage, and at the same time an unconventional appearance. Its form is reminiscent of raw industrial furnishings, yet it looks very subtle thanks to its shiny, smooth surface. The solid body was made with attention to every detail from high-quality chrome-plated brass, making it very durable and resistant to any mechanical damage including vandalism. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a model with a length of 187 or 230 mm. At the end of the body was placed a discreet infrared sensor. Thanks to this, the faucet is activated without contact when you place your hand within its range, which can be calibrated from 2 to 13 cm. Such a solution allows the arrangement to remain impeccably minimalist, unlike products in which the photocell is mounted, for example, on the wall. Despite its very subtle appearance, the fixture conceals intelligent functions characteristic of SCHELL's range of electronic solutions. The hygiene of the drinking water system is guaranteed by an anti-stagnation program that flushes it 24 hours after the last use.

MODUS E HD-K electronic spout

© Schell

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