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Calm atmosphere and balanced mood in shades of beige

04 of November '23


Beige as a color, has always set a tone of imperious elegance and subtlety. Its various shades, add warmth and coziness, and blend harmoniously with nature.


Introducing subtlety in the garden

With the introduction of a subtle mélange of beige and warm white into the range of paving blocks and terrace slabs, gardens that connect nature with our daily lives gain a new delicate face. The subdued shade harmonizes with a variety of architectural styles. It brings harmony and tranquility to both modern and classic garden spaces.

Taras w Systemie Gigante

Terrace in Gigante System


Light beige in MULTIKOLOR's offer, is a step towards tranquility and balance in the arrangement. Its use in various formats will provide customers with not only aesthetics, but also functionality. The new color in the 10x10 cm format of Kubo pavers, allows you to complete even the most complicated pavement layout, without having to cut the material. In addition, large terrace slabs work well as basic paving elements, giving elegance and coherence to the entire space. Their unique size allows you to create minimalist arrangements, which, together with small pavers, create a seamless connection between the spaces around the house. The whole arrangement will be perfectly complemented by flower pots or terrain steps made of landscaping elements.

Kostka Kubo i Kubo Rustik, kolor beige

Kubo and Kubo Rustik pavers, beige color


TOPLine - Details that create character

Diversity in structures and shapes allows you to experiment with layouts and patterns. By combining different formats and textures, unique patterns can be obtained, which will become not only a functional element of the pavement, but also a true work of garden art. MULTISHOT shot-blasted paving is safe and non-slip. The rough yet fine structure allows you to walk confidently on paths in harsh winter conditions.

GRANULA and MIKROGRANULA structures have similar properties. The process of pebling the top layer of concrete uncovers natural aggregates, which gives the pavement a stone-like character. An intriguing solution for paving can be the combination of different TOPLine structures and textures within a single format and color. A single-colored surface in the sunlight reveals its unique charm.

Creative arrangements - palisades and levitating slabs

Levitating terraces are an unusual element of garden arrangements. These slabs seem to float in the air, creating an impression of lightness. Their placement on terraces or entrance platforms creates the effect of "floating" space, which attracts attention, is a beautiful contrast between modernity and nature. In the garden arrangement of terraces, landings and terrain slopes, you can use reinforced wetcast or vibro-pressed single-layer slabs and palisades: this is a true harmony of functionality and aesthetics.

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