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Safety first. Modern kindergartens in Opole with Twinson terraces.

06 of November '23

The new kindergartens in Opole, which have been built in the space of less than a year, are distinguished by properly thought-out architectural solutions. They are characterized by simplicity of form, ecological and inclusive functionality, as well as selection of materials for safety or resistance to intensive use. Attention is drawn to terraces and outdoor seating and benches made of the unique Twinson composite material, manufactured by Deceuninck.

Twin kindergartens No. 63 and No. 64 in Opole were designed by the Architop studio as single-story buildings with spacious terraces adapted for the disabled. Both buildings were built in the spirit of sustainable construction (recovery of energy from the ground, photovoltaics, energy storage), which also included the use of Twinson brand decking that raises the rating of the buildings in the LEED and BREEAM certification process by meeting a number of formal requirements regarding the environmental impact of the product.

The functional properties of Twinson composite material make the terraces safe for intensive use by the youngest. They are characterized by an anti-slip (PTV ≥69) and fire-resistant (fire reaction class Bfl s1) surface, and by the fact that, unlike wooden planks, they do not crack or generate the risk of splinters, and their safety is confirmed by, among other things, a certificate for the absence of VOC volatile organic compounds or a PZH certificate.

The terraces in both projects are finished with the innovative Twinson Essential XL system (9335). The above-standard width (18 cm) and deep grooving of the boards give them an interesting aesthetic, thanks to the different than usual arrangement of light.

We are pleased that Twinson decking systems will accompany the learning and play of Opole children. Our composite material guarantees unconditional safety, which is especially important when the main users are the youngest. We are confident that thanks to the exceptional technical parameters, the boards will stand up to the task and serve for many years. The size of the terraces and the fact that the composite material remains pleasant and safe to the touch will allow outdoor activities on sunny days. The natural color of the planks used (walnut) makes the facilities fit neatly into the surrounding space. We hope that educational activities on these terraces will be pure pleasure," says Slawomir Komorowski, Sales Manager at Deceuninck Poland.

The kindergartens are surrounded by a large garden equipped with numerous equipment for children and rest areas. The making of the circular seats required precision from the executive team working under the supervision of Twinson distributor OWA-DEKOR. The installation of such unusual benches was possible thanks to the use of Twinson Character Massive solid planking, which allows the execution of arched arrangements without the need for edge finishing.

Bezpieczeństwo przede wszystkim. Nowoczesne przedszkola w Opolu z tarasami Twinson

Safety first. Modern kindergartens in Opole with Twinson terraces

© Deceuninck

We have a great deal of experience and make sure that our offer consists of products that maximally meet the diverse needs of customers and demanding projects. We have been distributing and installing Twinson Terraces for 17 years. The performance possibilities with this system are almost unlimited. They work well not only in standard projects, but also in elements with more difficult, irregular shapes, as just in the case of the seats at the new kindergartens in Opole. It was a very interesting and enjoyable project, and we are glad that it will serve its little users for years to come," noted Ryszard Korpalski, Owner of OWA-DEKOR.

Educational establishments located in Zaodrze and Malinka settlements are a sizable investment - the cost of their construction was more than 20 million zlotys. They can be attended by a total of about 250 children. Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, they are in line with the latest design trends and are considered one of the most modern integration-preschool facilities in the region.

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