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Elegant & Decalu - reliable windows for years to come

01 of November '23


Deceuninck offers reliable joinery products made of both PVC and aluminum. Profile systems Elegant (PVC) and Decalu (aluminum) respondto the current needs of architects, investors and users, as well as trends in modern construction. Both solutions from the Belgian manufacturer combine exceptional durability, convenience of use and universal design.

 Kompatybilność PVC i aluminium

Compatibility of PVC and aluminum


Significantly, Deceuninck is the only manufacturer in Poland to offer fully visually and technically compatible PVC and aluminum systems. The combination of Elegant Abstract 76 and Decalu 88 Standard profiles in a single design guarantees a visually coherent whole, as well as energy efficiency and investment performance. All this thanks to:

  • full flush of the frame and sash profile from the outside
  • rectangular glazing beads on the inside
  • identical hardware grooves
  • comparable thermal parameters thanks to a similar concept of thermal inserts
  • matched palette of colors and finisheś surfaces
  • excellent performance parameters, including watertightness and wind load resistance.

Parametry unikalne na rynku

Parameters unique on the market


Elegant - reliable windows for years

The Elegant system meets today's and tomorrow's thermal insulation requirements. At the same time, using recycled PVC, Elegant profiles are produced within the framework of a closed-loop economy.

Elegant provides unique parameters on the market, which are a guarantee of comfort for years to come - the basic variant has a heat transfer coefficient of 0.93 W/m2K, while up to 0.85 W/m2Kwith ThermoFibra technology (reinforcement of the sash with continuous fiberglass) combined with Forthex thermal reinforcement in the frame (Hobox Measurement). What's more, the profile design and high-tech manufacturing process (coextrusion) mean extraordinary profile stability and resistance to damage and weather conditions, as well as exceptional durability confirmed by anti-burglary certificates.

57 folii wykończeniowych do wyboru

57 finishing films to choose from


For investments in any style

Deceuninck offers the largest selection on the market when it comes to profile surface finishes, with 57 different foils. Colors and structures can be selected according to needs and trends - both smooth, matte and metallic, wood-look, as well as in the most popular shades of gray and anthracite. Elegant profiles are ideal for both renovations and new projects in various styles - modern, modernist, urban, classic or rustic.

  • Elegant Infinity - is a non-flush sash with distinctive shapes, with an extremely narrow rebate (even 7mm!). The model is also available in ThermoFibra version, allowing to achieve maximum size and stability with minimum weight.
  • Elegant Abstract - a flush sash with the frame, distinguished by its elegance and internationally award-winning design.
  • Elegant Origin - semi flush sash, ideal for renovations and new buildings in classic or traditional country style.
  • Elegant Grando - a semi-sloped sash, fits most buildings with windows of standard design. Available with rectangular or rounded glazing bead.

Uniwersalny design

Universal design


Sustainable construction

All Elegant system components can be recycled. The manufacturer realizes this at one of the largest recycling plants in Europe (in Diksmuide, Belgium), where since 2012 it has been recovering PVC producing secondary material of the same high quality as the primary material The company realizes that PVC can be recycled up to 10 times without losing its properties. The latest model of window profiles, Elegant Phoenix, which is created from 100% recycled PVC, has also been a success. For more information on the Elegant system, visit:

Decalu - an aluminum system different from the rest

Decalu's products are distinguished by their above-average design, as well as being durable and easy to maintain, which fits in with the company's goals for sustainable construction with superior energy efficiency and excellent design. Decalu's aluminum system is based on innovative patented So Easy technology, which offers a number of practical solutions and benefits. Fewer components and easier assembly of the structure significantly eliminate the likelihood of errors at the execution stage, which at the same time ensures that the technical performance and high quality of Decalu systems are maintained.

Praktyczne rozwiązania

Practical solutions


Decalu is distinguished primarily by:

  • easy and fast fabrication and short production time - integration of gaskets into profiles
  • flat g askets - invisibility of gasket lines both from the outside and inside
  • aesthetics and functionality - hidden hinges as standard
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance of windows - no central gasket
  • elegant, modern appearance - invisible drainage.

These are products with high watertightness parameters (up to 2250Pa) and optimal insulation properties - in a system with a depth of 88 mm with a maximum glazing thickness of up to 71 mm, Uw is from 0.6 W/m2*K. In addition, the assembly of the frame with the sash is only 83 mm.

Estetyka i funkcjonalność

Aesthetics and functionality


Innovative window systems on the market

Decalu's aluminum systems fit the contemporary needs of functional, modern and classic individual buildings, apartment buildings, as well as office buildings. Among them are:

  • DECALU 88 Flush Casement - an economical outward opening window system with excellent thermal insulation parameters
  • DECALU88 Standard - a window system with above-average thermal parameters and simplified design
  • DECALU88 Hidden - a system with the so-called "hidden sash", particularly desirable in larger buildings
  • DECALU110 Steel - the warmest system of this category on the market, ideally suited for industrial, revitalized, sacred and historical buildings
  • DECALU 94 Retro- a system with the visuality of wooden windows, often used in the construction of building envelopes in retro-style buildings
  • DECALU 88 New Steel - a system with the visuality of steel, referring to industrial aesthetics.

For more information on Decal systems, visit:

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the A&B portal.

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