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Twinson terrace systems - the answer to all architects' needs

15 of October '23


Twinson composite decking is a Belgian product of proven and unrivaled quality that fits perfectly into current design trends. Twinson is a combination of wood and PVC and the most important advantages of these two materials: the beautiful natural look of wood and the durability and wear resistance of PVC.

Durability and resistance

The Twinson system was created on an innovative composite material for comfort of use, easy installation and exceptional aesthetic finish. The use of composite technology means that the boards are not subject to atmospheric conditions and microbial corrosion (they are resistant to fungi, mold, pests), which is confirmed by up to 25-year biodegradation warranty.




They also remain resistant to road salt or chlorinated water. The fluted, non-slip surface (PTV ≥69) is resistant to stains and scratches, as well as fire resistance (fire reaction class Bfl s1 andBROOF t1 fire resistance certificate for roof terraces) and high load resistance (up to 1450 kg/m2) make Twinson with all its properties a timeless and universal solution.

An aesthetic element of any project

The product gives almost unlimited possibilities of terrace arrangement and a consistent connection with the interior of the house due to the available color options or natural appearance. The boards are available in four variants: Majestic Massive Pro (4 color options), Character Massive, Essential Terrace and Essential XL (each in 6 color options).

Możliwość dowolnej aranżacji

Possibility of any arrangement


Their design fits perfectly not only in domestic settings - in gardens and around swimming pools, on terraces and balconies, but also, thanks to their technical characteristics, in public spaces: on the roofs of office buildings, piers or any outdoor tourist spots. The technical qualities testifying to the extraordinary durability of the Twinson system (confirmed by tests of the Building Research Institute and the German Wood Institute VHI) are complemented by exceptional aesthetics and a wealth of color options, shapes and structures of the plank surface.

The answer to all architects' needs

Majestic Massive Pro solid plank is distinguished by an additional patented PVC 360° coating, which makes the surface particularly resistant to stains and scratches - even ideal for frequently used terraces and balconies, as well as high-traffic public areas. It is distinguished by a finish with expressive wood grains. Its load resistance is 1450 kg/m². It comes with the market's longest 10-year warranty for color stability and resistance to food stains. This double-sided plank is available in four natural colors: stone oak, rustic oak, antique oak and mountain oak. There is also a choice of wood-look or grooved surface.

Uniwersalne zastosowanie

Versatile application


Twinson Character Massive is also a solid plank. It does not require edge-masking strips and is characterized by a low installation height (as low as 36 mm) and low material expansion (up to 2 mm/m). It is great around swimming pools or in spa areas. There are two plank surfaces to choose from: gently grooved or smooth. Like Majestic Massive Pro planks, they offer unlimited design possibilities, thanks to their high resistance and as precise and easy cutting as wood planks. They offer freedom of arrangement even in terrace projects with the most complex shapes.

Essential Terrace decking, on the other hand, is available with a two-sided grooved surface - wide or fine. It's an affordable chambered option, perfectly suited for projects with simple, geometric shapes - such as in garden paths or patios. There are also 7-chamber Essential XL boards, distinguished by their 180mm width - suitable for rectangular shaped patios and sites with larger areas. Architects can choose these boards in six natural colors: graphite, hazel, spicy brown, gray, steel, walnut.

Naturalny wygląd

Natural look


Safety first

Twinson is reliably tested and certified for both performance and safety. The boards contain no harmful substances (certified lack of V OCs and low environmental impact of the material from production to disposal EPD), and are certified by the PZH, which makes them especially child-friendly.

Twinson requires no additional maintenance, such as oiling or varnishing, only standard maintenance. The unique material from which Twinson boards are made means that they do not crack or warp spontaneously, and do not generate the risk of splinters - unlike wooden boards. They are therefore a guarantee of safety, even in harsh weather conditions or intensive use.

Precyzyjne i łatwe docinanie

Precise and easy cutting


Screwless installation - instant and extremely efficient

Thanks to Twinson Click's unique screwless technology, Twinson decking installation can take up to two and a half times less time than the installation of traditional decking installed with, for example, composite or wood joists and screws. Thanks to flexible angles, it is possible to connect aluminum structural profiles at any angle, and adjustable brackets allow leveling from 45 mm to 225 mm. The aluminum substructure makes the boards very stable and does not succumb to deformation.

Thanks to the patented Twinson Click snap system, the installation of the terrace is much more efficient. Twinson terrace is therefore not only the optimal choice from the perspective of users, but also installers or architects who expect flexibility and simple and ingenious solutions at the same time.

Ekologiczny wybór

An ecological choice


Twinson in harmony with nature

Twinson composite material is a thoughtful, ecological alternative to stone or natural wood - the wood used in the product comes only from PEFC-certified crops. The system is produced within a circular economy - the recycled PVC used in the production of terraces is made in Deceuninck's own technologically advanced plant in Belgium. The ecological advantages of the Twinson system are evidenced primarily by the durability of the material and the entire system, and therefore the long service life.

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