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20 of October '23

Door handles have long ceased to be just a design element. Nowadays, when building or renovating, more and more attention is paid to making the door not only functional, but also aesthetic. Handles give doors a unique character. Handles from WALA sp. z o.o. are a designer, safe and convenient approach to this subject.

We invite you to get acquainted with 6 models that enjoy unflagging popularity among customers. Of the very wide range of door entablatures, it is these 6 that are chosen most often, and consequently can be found in a great many public places. All this testifies to the highest quality of handles created by WALA.

WALA PA45 anoda czarna na drzwiach

WALA PA45 anodized black on doors



Some of the most popular door handles are those from the P series, which have a classic, timeless look. In the popularity ranking, the P45 handle wins, with sales averaging about 8 thousand units per month in 2022. The quintessence of simplicity - a Ø30, Ø40 and Ø50 diameter circular tube supported by round tube legs, set at an angle of 45° to the grip part. The human eye likes simple solutions. P series handle made of 304 or 316 steel, so it is more resistant to weather conditions and can be used in areas particularly exposed to chemicals and water especially salt and chlorinated water. For those who appreciate an original look, WALA offers handles made of aluminum, which are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. The handles also have the option of implementing a fingerprint reader, numeric keypad or touch sensor, and LED dot backlighting.

The P/PA series has a great number of door handles of various shapes, it is worth taking a look and choosing your favorite, whether it is also P45.

Uchwyt do drzwi P45 Fi30

Door handle P45 Fi30



The M series offers handles that are made of 304 stainless steel, aluminum and brass. The handles look good in both fully-enclosed doors and glass versions. Very common in public buildings, schools, clinics, stores, banks, etc. Hence everyone knows them. Finished in many colors of varnish, usually matching the woodwork. Made of Ø30 section pipe bent into specific shapes, they will work well wherever there is a lot of traffic and strength and solid construction are important. However, even this series can surprise! WALA in its offer has several versions of the shape - classic ones resembling a circle cutout, rounded rectangle, and for those who appreciate a modern look there is an asymmetrical version and a square version inverted by 45 degrees. However, the most popular choice is the M2 hilt.

Uchwyt do drzwi M2

M2 door handle



Also growing in popularity are the Q series products, which give timeless elegance thanks to the use of 50×25, 40×20, 40x40, 25×25, 40×10 profiles. Minimalist design enriched with a standard polished stainless steel finish is always the right choice. If the door on which the handle is to be placed is also intended to blend in with the overall decor - it is worth choosing a handle made of aluminum and enjoy the larger range of available colors. The Q10 handle can be equipped with access control systems, as well as LED backlighting, in the form of tape or dots, so that the whole thing takes on a graceful appearance both day and night. The Q10 and Q45RX handles from WALA are ideal for discerning people who are looking for more in handles than just support in opening doors. Of the Q/QA series, this Q10 model is gaining the upper hand in popularity.

Uchwyt do drzwi Q10 40×40

Q10 40×40 door handle



Of WALA's wide range of door handles, customers also appreciate the Z series all the time. This popularity is the result of a combination of minimalist, at first glance, design and modernity. A wide range of handle shapes - circle, ellipse, oval, square will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. What's more, the Z series comes in a version with remarkable legs, which give the door a unique look, made of aluminum can be painted in any color. Combined with sanded, sandblasted (max 1000 mm long) or polished steel pipe, we get a very interesting effect. A feature that customers appreciate is the ability to precisely adjust the length of the handle to suit their preferences. Ø40 steel handle pipe can be up to 2500 mm long!

Below is one of the most popular Z1 handles: Z1 Ø40.

Uchwyt do drzwi Z1

Z1 door handle



WALA pocket handles are an option for those who appreciate aesthetic appearance and modern solutions. Made of stainless steel or aluminum, it gives the possibility of finishing the whole in RAL colors, anodizing method, and INOX coating, to best match the vision of the buyer and the style of the building or room. The recessed door handle allows you to achieve an effect that surprises with its hidden character, but also gives the structure an individual, exclusive look. This series is very popular because it is, in a way, invisible. At the same time, the profile shape of the hidden grip part is very ergonomic and, in addition, allows the installation of a touch sensor, fingerprint reader, as well as LED backlighting. Thanks to this, the installed door is not only pleasing to the eye, but also provides security against unauthorized entry. Now pockets are not just handles for sliding doors. They fit into the front door - exterior doors with great success. Of the concealed series, the most popular is KA1, a handle without an external panel, completely integrated into the door. Its great advantage is the ability to precisely adjust the length of the profile to suit individual needs.

Uchwyt do drzwi KA1

KA1 door handle



In search of innovative design, the D series is perfect! Professionally designed, ergonomic shape of the tube, made of Ø45×25 profile, that is, rounded edges and flat front, give the whole a coherent design, which no one passes indifferently towards. This form attracts attention, especially if you illuminate the unusual shape with LED points, or enrich it with access control systems. The most popular D series handles are DP45R.

Uchwyt do drzwi DP45R

DP45R door handle



Door handles for exterior doors are an element that is definitely gaining in popularity and slowly displacing classic handles. There are many reasons for the change in preferences: the handle is convenient to use, enriches the aesthetics of the building, harmonizes with the design of the door and builds security considering handles with access control systems. WALA sp. z o.o. is constantly working to expand its offerings to meet customer demands in terms of changing trends, aspects of practical usability, and customization to individual needs and tastes. Handles and handles play an extremely important role in any building, and in the current world they are also becoming an element of interior design. It is very common to insist that the entire set of door hardware be finished in the same character. With WALA this is possible. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer to become part of building the popularity of WALA products.

For more information, visit the company's WALA Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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