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WALA - concealed hinges - door hardware

23 of January '23

Door hinges are a topic that is an extremely important consideration when choosing woodwork for a new home. If we are planning to refresh the facade, it is also worth considering replacing the doors to give our house a fresh look. Modern systems and components used in the manufacture of doors undoubtedly provide a higher level of security and aesthetics. Entrance doors equipped with concealed hinges are a HIT in recent years. What makes them different from others? Well, a great many features contribute to the growing popularity of concealed hinges.

Distinguishing features of invisible door hinges

As the name suggests, hidden hinges are invisible, at first glance of course. They have a completely different design from standard surface or roller hinges. Installation of conce aled hinges requires special processing of both the frame and the leaf. But dedicated templates have been created for this purpose, which precisely mark the necessary machining. Hinges are installed in the so-called door jambs (the inside of the door frame and sash). This creates the effect of a uniform, flush surface. When the door is closed, the hinges are not visible either from the inside or from the outside. We can see them only after opening the door sash.

zawias ukryty i uchwyt kieszeniowy

concealed hinge and pocket handle


The appearance of hidden hinges

Or, in fact, the apparent lack of appearance. Doors equipped with hidden hinges when closed look as if they have no hinges at all. The key advantage of this solution is aesthetics and minimalism. The uncluttered design of the door panel. And these in recent years are sometimes very diverse and unusual, materials, patterns, inlays. The use of invisible hinges eliminates the need to match the color of the hinges to the door leaf or frame. To totally hide the hardware, it is worth analyzing the pasting of a pocket handle hidden in the door leaf panel. Illuminate it with LED tape and you get a very elegant front door.

zawias ukryty i uchwyt modułowy

Hidden hinge and modular handle


Security of concealed hinges

Security is, of course, a priority when choosing a front door. Door hardware plays one of the most important roles when it comes to security. WALA's series of concealed hinges have been tested by the IFT institute and have been awarded the highest performance class 14. The nature of the hinges makes them completely impossible to remove without opening the door, effectively hindering burglary.

zawias ukryty WU-1R

WU-1R concealed hinge


WALA's offer includes concealed double-row hinges WUT and WU which received the QI - Highest Quality International award. In this category, WALA offers a new single-row concealed hinge - WU-1R. It is distinguished by a very easy and quick installation process of the door leaf with the door frame.

Hidden advantages

The systems used in concealed hinges are reliable and durable, maintenance-free and require no lubrication. With lightness and ease, they perform their function for many years. Infinite adjustment on 3 planes definitely facilitates perfect alignment of the door leaf with the door frame. The hinges have an opening limitation of 110°, and thus it is necessary to use a door stopper, such as WST03 from WALA, so as not to damage the hinges mechanically.

The modern character, the level of security, the magic of invisibility and the reliability of concealed hinges. makes them gain more and more fame in Poland as well as in international markets. Undeniably, it is a prestigious and exclusive product.

WALA concealed hinges are top-class door hardware.

For more information, visit the company's WALA Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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