WALA panel handle - for external doors

28 of July '23

The doorhandle is an ever-present topic. A seemingly inconspicuous part of the door, yet it plays a key role in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. For architects who strive to create perfect spaces, choosing the right door handles is of vital importance. For a consistent design and functional aspect of the project, they look for handles of the highest quality. We would like to present door handles from WALA that fit into the latest design trends. Especially noteworthy are the models of panel handles, as they are functional, but also represent design masterpieces.

Klamka H7

Handle H7


Door handles as a functional element

Door handles must meet high standards of durability and functionality. This is especially true for office buildings and public buildings. Where the frequency of opening and closing doors is definitely increased, the hardware should be resistant to intensive use. Door handles for exterior doors, are exposed to weather conditions and also require robust workmanship. Factors such as rain, UV radiation, changing temperatures, frequent use and cleaning, create a higher risk of damage. It is necessary to use the highest quality materials and proven technologies and reliable solutions.

Klamka do drwi H7

Door handle H7


The panel handle is one of the latest products available on the market and perfectly meets the above requirements. Made of durable materials, it is characterized by high durability, but also elegant design. Precisely designed mechanisms of the handle make it reliable for long-term use. The ergonomic shape of the handle makes it fit perfectly in the hand. It is a practical, safe and convenient system for opening and closing doors. Panel handles, will perfectly blend into any architectural style, adding a unique charm to the door.

Door handle as an aesthetic element

Nowadays, aesthetics are crucial in space design. Door handles are important as details that enhance the style of an interior. Many architects are looking for original and unique door handle designs that will become a showcase for their projects. The door handle is supposed to play the role of functional jewelry for the door. In response to these needs, WALA offers panel handles. The minimalist design and subtle finish harmonize with modern architectural trends. The panel handle fits perfectly into the concept of minimalist design, where less is more. For designers who want to maintain consistency of style throughout the design, the panel handle is an excellent choice.

Klamka do drzwi H6

H6 door handle


WALA produces two models of panel door handles. The basic H6 - full, simple, elegant, with soft rounded corners and a smooth transition between the sign and the handle. A true quintessence of minimalism.

Klamka H7 czarna

Handle H7 black


H7 derivative - with a cut-out window in the handle, is characterized by lightness due to its translucency. A classic with a whiff of extravagance.

Both grip parts are available in two versions to choose from: width 26 mm and 36 mm. The composition is completed by signboards: long or short with two possible widths: 34 mm and 42 mm. Taking into account the design of the door panel, you can easily choose the ideal configuration of the handle with the sign.

An insanely important role is played by the finish of the handle, or, colloquially speaking, the color. WALA provides a very wide range of finishes for door hardware. Including such options as powder coating in full RAL colors, as well as anodizing method. Recently, black anode with F40 grind has become very popular. It presents itself poWALAniecally especially in modern loft interiors. Matte, ground, pleasant to the touch and futuristic. Black handle is becoming the standard of our time.

More universal - natural silver anode or INOX coating will blend in well with almost any interior. On exclusive doors the best look will be a gold handle in a rich color - anode gold electropolish. All RAL shades allow you to perfectly match the handle with the rest of the door hardware.

Klamka do drzwi H6 złota plus szyld

Door handle H6 gold plus sign


BIM library - 3D models of door handles

Door handles strongly influence the final appearance and ergonomics of an interior. Choosing the right door handle can be time-consuming. That's why WALA is making a nod to architects and designers by providing 3D models of its products. 3D models of door handles make it easy to see how a particular handle will look in a project. This allows designers to make the right decision on the choice of handles at an earlier stage. It translates into saving time and money, as well as a consistent design. Properly prepared 3D models allow handles to be seamlessly integrated into the design. They provide architects with invaluable support in the design process.

Klamka do drzwi H7

Door handle H7


Door handle or door handle?

A door handle is both a functional and aesthetic element. It plays a key role in any building. Choosing the right door handle can affect the final appearance and practical aspect of the designed space. The panel handle is an excellent example of innovative solutions. It meets both the highest standards of durability and modern aesthetic requirements. The handle is a classic solution for those who appreciate a traditional approach. An alternative to the handle is the door handle. However, some people are in favor of the standard form, which is the handle. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of products from the door handles category.

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