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15 of April '23

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Nowadays, door handles are increasingly replacing the classic handle or knob. This is not a new trend, but it is certainly becoming more and more popular. This solution is modern and practical. In everyday life, the use of a door handle is very convenient. The WALA Sp. z o.o. is constantly creating trends, developing a range of products. Recently, a new series of handles - "S"- has been released.

S series door handles , despite their classic appearance, are distinguished by a certain important feature. The legs are made of a profile of the same dimensions as the handle tube. This procedure makes the S handles look very impressive on the door. The body of the entablature is consistent and perfectly balanced. The leg of the handle flush with the pipe gives the impression of an elegant and harmonious whole.

Stainless steel handle

The S line are classic handles, made of 304 or 316 stainless steel. It is recommended to choose 316 steel in particularly polluted areas or such as industrial areas, coastal zones, swimming pools, rooms with higher humidity and temperature. 316 steel has a higher resistance to corrosion, so it will perform better on doors in demanding areas. By keeping the material in good condition, you can be sure that the handrails will serve for very many years. All you need to do is approach maintenance with proper care and clean with dedicated stainless steel products.

Uchwyty do
drzwi z Serii S

S series door handles


TheS series was created from square and rectangular profiles with dimensions of 40×20 and 50×25. Uniquely, they are placed with the shorter side to the front, or - colloquially speaking - "on the stile". The door handle in this version presents itself extremely elegantly. It is slender and minimalist from the front, while looking from the side, it is proportional and consistent.Thanks to this positioning of the tube, we get greater rigidity of the handle. We can make larger spacing for handles made of rectangular pipe while maintaining the visual "lightness" of the handle.

Black aluminum door handle

One of the active trends in door hardware is precisely black handles. This usually involves the use of a whole collection of black hardware. Black door hinges, black handle or knob, black escutcheon, black handle. All shades of black included in the RAL palette are possible. Starting from deep black 9005, through warm colors 8077, up to anthracite gray 7016.

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do drzwi z Serii S

S series black door handle
- model SA10 40x20 black


Prestigious finish is natural or black ANODA with F-40 grind, a truly stunning effect. Black handle with a characteristic scratch. Extremely pleasant to the touch matte finish. Of course, we do not have to limit ourselves to the black color. The range of powder coatings is very wide, including all colors of the rainbow in several shades. In addition, other coatings come into play, such as INOX and Elekropoler.

Glass door handle

Thenew S handles can be used on doors made of glass. All you need to do is to select the appropriate mount. On glass, a double-sided door handle, will be perfect for office spaces, among others. It is also possible to use the handle on one side, complementing it with a magnetic handle or lock for doors made of glass. The vast majority of WALA handles can be mounted to doors made of glass. Mounting to the sheet allows you to install the handle of your dreams on glass doors.

Access control systems in door handles

S-series door handles allow refinement with fingerprint reader, numeric keypad and touch sensors. With rectangular tube models positioned vertically, this is possible in designated areas.

Uchwyt do drzwi z serii S

S series door handle
- Model S10 50x25


It is only necessary to decide whether the left or right side of the pipe will be the device. On the other hand, in terms of illumination, the customer has complete freedom. LED tape, square or round LED points in the colors of your choice. In such a refined way, the door handle is a kind of jewelry for the building. In the dream of an ideal home, such a detail should appear. Modern, sleek, illuminated, black handle with access control systems.

To make it easier for designers and architects to realize people's dreams, WALA provides BIM files with 3D models of the new S series handles. Files with the other handles in the range can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer's BIM folder, located next to almost every handle.

For more information, visit the company's website WALA Sp. z o.o..

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