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Terrace - a comfortable and safe space

24 of April '23

Sliding patio doors from VEKA.
From the series "Windows, doors, fittings, covers—trends 2023"

Large glazing is even a "must have" of modern architecture. Large terraces and gardens, which can almost be connected to the interior of buildings, are due to the enormous possibilities of window structures. Terrace systems allow large and even very large sheets of glass to be pulled apart conveniently and safely.

Sliding patio doors allow you to fill the interiors with natural light, and at the same time give a sense of large space. Even when the doors are closed, nothing obstructs the view of the surroundings. Glass sheets like invisible walls—they cover, but do not obstruct... And this is one of the advantages of large glazing, thanks to which they make such a career in architecture.

However, when choosing this solution, you need to remember that the system should be safe and comfortable to use. What else do you need to know about large glazing to make the right decisions?




Comfortable opening

Passage to the terrace should be comfortable. So the best choice will be a lift-and-slide system, or so-called HST—comfortable to use, sliding lightly and safely.

This type of system is offered by VEKA. These are VEKAMOTION 82 and VEKAMOTION 82 MAX. the most important advantages of these systems:

  • Possibility of constructing very large glazing—up to 6.5 m wide and 2.7 m high.
  • Excellent thermal insulation of profiles and the possibility of mounting in them warm triple glazing packages with a thickness of up to 54 mm.
  • High resistance to burglary.
  • Waterproofing in the highest class 9A.
  • System with excellent stability, with steel reinforcements.
  • Possibility of threshold-free installation, which definitely improves the safety of those using the terrace.
  • Large selection of profile colors: RAL colors, woodgrain, SPECTRAL finish, as well as profiles with aluminum caps.

Watch out for the threshold!

Thanks to such modern systems as VEKAMOTION 82 and VEKAMOTION 82 MAX, there will be no need to warn people going out onto the terrace to watch out for the protruding threshold.




A typical threshold on a terrace door is about 5-7 cm high. The low one should protrude a maximum of 2 cm above the floor. However, in the threshold-free version, the threshold is completely hidden. Such a solution is used in VEKAMOTION 82 and VEKAMOTION 82 MAX systems. This is the safest version.

Bigger = warmer

In the terrace systems offered by VEKA, you can order terrace buildings with a width of up to 6.5 meters!

It may seem that a large window is colder, more heat escapes through it. However, in fact the opposite is true! The rule of thumb is this: the larger the glass area in relation to the profile area, the warmer the window.

The most important parameter for terrace doors is a good Uw coefficient, or heat transfer coefficient. The lower it is, the warmer the windows will be.

As of 2021, the Uw coefficient of an energy-efficient window cannot be higher than 0.9 W/m²K. So what kind of terrace system to install to meet this requirement? Certainly lift-and-slide doors in the VEKAMOTION 82 system will pass the test, which, combined with a warm glazing package, can achieve Uw=0.78 W/m²K.

The quality of the profiles themselves, from which the terrace structures are made, is also not without significance. The highest class of PVC profiles is Class A.

Quality in class A

Class A* window profiles—what does this mean in practice? The thickness of the outer walls of PVC profiles in this class is 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm). In their production, about 14% more PVC is used than for profiles of lower classes. Thanks to this, windows manufactured from profiles in class A* are very stable and durable. They effectively insulate thermally and acoustically, and also have high strength and resistance to difficult weather conditions, such as strong winds and downpours.

VEKA produces window profiles only in class A*. Where can I check what class is the profile in the ordered window? Unfortunately, you will not find such information on the finished window. However, if the window has VEKA profiles, you can be sure that these are the highest class profiles—because VEKA does not offer others.

*according to PN-EN 12608 standard

More information on the company's page {tag:Producenci} in the PdA portal.

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