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The noble beauty of wood always on trend

05 of May '22

Perfect imitations of wood: VEKA window profiles.
From the series "Windows, doors, hardware, covers - trends 2022".

Wood has advantages that make it eagerly used as a finishing material not only in traditional, classic houses, but also in very modern ones. It is noble, striking, unique and warm. Always fashionable. So, too, wooden windows are always on trend. However, the market offers a modern solution for those who like the character of wood, its colors, design, but prefer non-wood windows.

Lovers of natural materials emphasize the warmth and unique grain of wood. Nothing looks as noble and natural as wood... It certainly does. However, there are PVC window profiles that are deceptively similar to oak, mahogany, walnut or pine.

Light, dark, with visible grain, regular or irregular lines... Certainly, people who like to surround themselves with nature , and at the same time appreciate the functionality, durability and ease of maintenance of PVC windows, are willing to invest precisely in high-quality woodgrain finish of plastic profiles.

Manufacturers of PVC profiles, such as VEKA, use the most advanced technologies that make it possible to produce wood-like profiles that are almost faithful copies of various species of wood.

Light oak


A successful copy

Knots, asymmetrical fiber drawing, lack of pattern repeatability - even such details have woodgrain profiles produced at VEKA factory. Importantly, irregular rings or knots, which are arranged differently on the window frame and its sash, bring them even closer to the original.

Among the colors in VEKA's offer there are more than 20 woodgrain designs, ranging from classic pine or traditional oak in various shades to very dark colors of mahogany or rosewood - just choose!

Wood on top

Looking for timeless solutions, always fashionable and at the same time impressive, you can confidently bet on wood. This is the so-called evergreen. In apartments in classical style wood is irreplaceable, but it is equally important in minimalist industrial style, glamour, boho, wabi sabi or the recently fashionable hygge.

Wood in interiors is a guarantee that the arrangement will be cozy and warm. Wooden flooring, furniture, accessories.... Windows also have a role to play here. You can perfectly integrate wood profiles into interiors where wood and its colors are an indispensable element.

Wood, like rarely any other material, blends well with different colors, textures, patterns. The same can be said of wood-like windows, which are such a good imitation of wood that at first glance it's even hard to tell whether it's wood or not.



Perfectly matte profiles in wood colors

In line with the trends, VEKA has many colors and designs of wood-like profiles on offer, but a novelty is SPECTRAL, which resembles natural oak wood. SPECTRAL is a perfectly matte surface, previously unheard of for PVC window profiles. At the same time, they are velvety to the touch, and resistant to mechanical damage and weathering.

At present, there are 14 SPECTRAL colors - all of them in an ultramatte version. These include various shades of white, gray, as well as navy blue, green, brown. More recently, woodgrain patterns have also appeared, specifically oak tender white ultramatte, oak tender antique ultramatte and oak tender gray ultramatte.

The SPECTRAL ultramatte finish is offered in VEKA Softline 82 and VEKA Softline 76 systems, which can be coated on one or both sides.

Closer to nature

The trend in modern architecture is to open houses to nature, to greenery, gardens, terraces... The permeation of the house space with the environment is possible thanks to glazing in XL and XXL sizes, among other sliding door systems, such as VEKAMOTION 82. This is also followed by window design. Wide terrace doors in frames that colorfully relate to what you see outside the window?! By all means!

PVC profile production technologies are so advanced that it is sometimes difficult to recognize whether a window is wooden or PVC. Veneers not only perfectly imitate the colors of different types of wood, but also their grain and texture.

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