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Huck - rope playgrounds

13 of October '23

Manufacturer with decades of experience in rope technology

Modern playgrounds combine a number of innovative functions - they allow children to spend time in a creative way, support their all-round development, and at the same time help to exercise psychomotor skills. As an experienced manufacturer of playgrounds, we know exactly how to create a space for the youngest that will meet all their expectations.

We offer various types of rope equipment, obstacle courses, climbing pyramids, swings, hammocks, rope lifts, as well as net bridges and net tunnels. Trampolines are also an important part of our offer.

Wieża Dino XXL

Dino XXL tower


Group fun

For small adventurers, outdoor activities are a great form of entertainment - playgrounds are places where kids forget about problems and enjoy every moment. We offer products that are attractions for kids of all ages. On rope playgrounds, children can face new challenges - swings, trampolines or obstacle courses make kids with a smile on their face spend more hours on common antics. A climbing pyramid or maybe a rope lift? Our rope-based products can be combined and create wonderful structures, from pirate ships to towers and castles.

Siedzisko Ptasie Gniazdo

Bird's Nest Seat


The richness of our product range means that the only limit to creating new play spaces is your imagination. Our offer includes many products for joint play, such as rope obstacle courses, which in the right combination can bring together children of different age groups in joint play. We offer, among others, multi-person swings or large trampolines. These devices encourage children to act as a group and help them establish relationships with their peers. By docking together on the playground, children learn to cooperate with each other, accept others or express their feelings.

Top quality Hercules ropes and components

Huck's capabilities are particularly evident with ropes. The Hercules rope consists of six twisted steel ropes with a diameter of 2.5 mm each, which in turn are constructed from seven individual galvanized wires. The result is impressive resistance and exceptional strength. Each wire is surrounded by high-quality polyester yarn with a thickness of about 6 mm. Unlike other plastics, polyester has high resistance to abrasion and UV rays, as well as remarkable color fastness.

Piramida Spider

Pyramid Spider


Rope playground equipment is exposed to strong abrasive forces. HUCK's Hercules-type ro pe is further protected from abrasion by a special clear exterior impregnation. The connecting elements (such as the proven HUCK ball fasteners) are made of high-quality plastic. They have no sharp edges or edges. They are characterized by durability in use and exceptional comfort during play. Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the elements, their replacement is possible on site, as is the replacement of individual ropes.


HUCK is a specialist in rope technology. Our products are based on more than 30 years of experience in the production of climbing structures, mainly for public playgrounds. We are confident in the quality of our products, which is why all equipment comes with a 5-year warranty. In addition, we provide 15 years for steel poles, 10 years for poles made of Douglas fir and 5 years for poles made of acacia robinia.

Drzewo Ptasie Gniazdo - wersja Midi

Bird's Nest Tree - Midi version


All devices comply with PN-EN 1176 and have their own separate international TÜV certificate.

All the devices we produce are made of materials resistant to mechanical damage, such as abrasion or breakage, as well as to extreme weather conditions. Steel elements on are hot-dip galvanized, so they show high resistance to corrosion.

Trampolina 2017

Trampoline 2017


We hope that the information presented will bring you closer to the passion with which we have been creating our playground equipment for over 30 years, and you will enjoy delving into the diversity of our product range. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

HUCK - we give shape to your ideas!

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