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Flamingo IQ square steel gutter - smart aesthetics

01 of November '23

Today's construction industry requires innovative solutions that emphasize the modern design of houses. Budmat's Flamingo iQ square steel gutter represents an elegant design, enhancing the beauty of any building. It is also an impressive rainwater collection efficiency and reliable permeability. When combined with other products from the same manufacturer, you get a roof that will last in excellent condition for many years....

Flamingo iQ podkreśla piękno każdego dachu

Flamingo iQ enhances the beauty of any roof


Perfect shape goes hand in hand with reliable material

Flamingo iQ is distinguished by its perfectly refined shape, which maintains a perfectly even line without ripple effect. Smoothed bending radii, a perfectly smooth, uniform surface and a double inward-facing vulva are the product's hallmarks. The simple but elegant design fits perfectly, for example, in modern barn-type houses, emphasizing their imposing but usually uncomplicated masses.

From the investor's point of view, in addition to the highest level of aesthetics, durability and resistance to adverse environmental conditions are very important. High-grade GreenCoat RWS PRO steel from the renowned Swedish steel mill SSAB is a guarantee of high quality for many years. The double-sided paint coating contains polymer grains, so the surface of the gutter is not exposed to scratches. Specially selected zinc content in the mixture guarantees protection against extreme weather conditions. Importantly, Budmat offers the Flamingo iQ gutter system with as much as a 50-year warranty, which for many buyers is a very important factor when choosing the target system for their home.

Niewidoczne mocowania i doskonała wentylacja dachu

Invisible fixings and excellent roof ventilation


Smart aesthetics, exceptional efficiency

Budmat's square guttering perfectly enhances the beauty of any home. It especially blends beautifully with modern architecture. It is available in two classic colors: black and anthracite. Cleverly designed hidden fastenings give the effect of gutter systems with a grille. In this case, the gutter support has been moved to the inside of the gutter. Concealed hooks are available in two versions: attached to the fascia board and to the rafters. What's more, they feature an above-normal load capacity, exceeding the normally required 75 kg load. A newly designed spacer at the base of the hooks improves air circulation and further protects the roof under the gutter belt. In this way, it protects its condition for years to come.

System rynnowy Flamingo iQ w zestawieniu z panelem dachowym Iron Click

Flamingo iQ gutter system in combination with Iron Click roof panel.


In addition to aesthetic issues, it is worth noting the high efficiency of water collection in relation to the size of the downpipes. The Flamingo iQ system allows us to handle up to 180 m² of roof on a single drain, depending, of course, on its foundation. With this gutter we can rest assured of safety even in case of heavy rain.

Budmat's gutter is easy to keep clean. Smoothed bending radii prevent dirt such as leaves, dust and cones from settling in the corners. The reliable permeability and efficiency of rainwater collection gains special recognition in the face of a changing climate and increasingly frequent weather anomalies.

Safe and efficient installation thanks to suggestions from roofers

We designed the Flamingo iQ system with the active participation of roofers to maximize installation convenience and safety. The guttering has a symmetrical cross-section, so it can be installed either side without turning the gutter when working at heights. Most parts of the system are connected by click. In addition, there is no need to remove the gutter belt when removing it. The use of products intuitive in installation speeds up the implementation of the investment, and the perfect fit of the system elements ensures the highest level of aesthetics.

A set always looks better - Budmat's offer

Building a safe and beautiful home requires the use of good materials. The offer of Budmat, the manufacturer of Flamingo iQ gutters , also includes high-quality roofing, roofing flashings, soffits, elevations or fences. All products are made of the same material and are available in the same range of colors, making the whole house visually consistent.

Haki ukryte rynny są dostępne w dwóch wersjach: mocowanej do deski czołowej i do krokwi

Hidden gutter hooks are available in two versions: attached to the fascia board and to the rafters


Modular roof tiles - easy installation, stunning effect

One of Budmat's bestsellers are modular metal roofing tiles, which are the answer not only to investors' expectations, but also to those of experienced roofers. Factory-prepared holes and mounting cups streamline the work of professionals, while underdrawings along the embossing and underlining of the bottom edge of the sheet ensure extraordinary aesthetic connections while extending the life of the roof. Each roofing tile can be matched with dedicated accessories - wind braces, ridge tiles with finials, ventilation strips or gutter str ips. Such a set allows you to get a complete and beautiful roof that delights even the most demanding.

Roof panels for modern houses and more...

Another interesting proposal for the roof are IRON Click panels, which provide many more design possibilities than traditional seam metal. They fit perfectly with the designs of houses of the "modern barn" type, harmonizing with the simple form of solids. Importantly, the panels are available in several coatings and a wide range of colors.

Personalized fencing enhances the beauty of the house

A finished home deserves, of course, a beautiful surrounding arrangement. Budmat's Variante fencing system will be suitable both as a modern, elegant fence for the property, but also as a balcony screen or a decorative element of the facade. Horizontal laths of different widths and small spacing are a universal solution that blends in well with the designs of houses of different styles.

Niewidoczne mocowania i doskonała wentylacja dachu

Invisible fastenings and excellent roof ventilation


Beautiful, effective guttering in Budmat's wide offer

The Flamingo iQ system is compatible with all Budmat roofs and roof accessories, so we can choose from a wide range of variants. The comprehensiveness of the offer is a guarantee of consistency in technical solutions, color and material, which is difficult to achieve by selecting products from different brands.

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