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A home where you will relax....

03 of April '23

Budmat roofing, facade sheets, gutters, soffits and fences.
From the series "Roofs, roof accessories - trends 2023".

Building your own house is a dream come true for many. After choosing the right project, a vision of the perfect building appears in the investor's imagination. A building that will meet not only the aesthetic aspirations of the future owner, but which will survive in great shape for many years. It is for customers who are aware of their needs and high requirements - Budmat prepares and constantly improves its offer.

Budmat offers a wide range of products to create a durable and beautiful home. Roofing, facade sheets, gutters, soffits and fences are stylistically uniform. The entire range forms a well-thought-out system, which makes it easy to combine and select elements from an aesthetic point of view. This is a convenient solution for both designers and investors.

An equally important advantage of Budmat's offer is the technical compatibility and ease of installation of elements. This has a huge impact on the speed of implementation and construction costs. The perfect fit of individual elements becomes easy and does not require the involvement of workers with exceptional competence or lengthy preparation. Roofing, gutters, soffits, window and door reinforcements, profiles for gypsum board, and even fences - ordering these materials from the same manufacturer is not only a convenient solution, but also a guarantee of creating a coherent house with personalized character.

Blachodachówka modułowa Como XMatt Czarny

Como XMatt Modular Sheet Metal Roofing Black

© Budmat

When choosing building products, it is also worth paying attention to the material from which they are made. Steel from the renowned ArcelorMittal and SSAB steel mills ensures durability for many years.

Among the most commonly chosen roofing materials, we can mention modular metal roofing tiles. This is a very well-thought-out product that will meet the expectations not only of investors, but also of experienced roofers. An interesting solution is the factory-prepared holes and mounting cups that improve the work of professionals. Undersurfacing along the embossing and folding up the bottom edge of the sheet are solutions that guarantee extraordinary aesthetics of the connections and at the same time prolong the life of the roof. Each roofing tile can be matched with dedicated accessories- wind braces, ridge tiles with finials, ventilation stripsor gutter strips. Such a set allows you to get a complete and beautiful roof that delights even the most demanding.

Blachodachówka modułowa Ferrara D-Matt Czarny

Ferrara D-Matt Black modular metal roofing tile

© Budmat

Covering for a modern building? IRON Click panels! It's a proposal that offers many more design possibilities than a traditional seam metal sheet. It perfectly harmonizes with the simple forms characteristic of modern house designs. Importantly, the panels are available in several coatings and a wide range of colors. The newest embossing of the IRON Click panel, or "double profile," is a double longitudinal embossing in the shape of a trapezoid. This solution, in addition to the obvious visual effect, additionally protects the panels from the negative impact of tension created during installation. Choosing this design, we gain durability for many years and a classic roof appearance that blends perfectly with any building.

Panel dachowy Iron Click

Iron Click roof panel

© Budmat

We already have a roof, but what about gutters? Budmat offers two types of gutter systems: steel and PVC. The Flamingo system is made of GreenCoat RWS steel, which has a double-sided coating for extreme durability and corrosion and scratch resistance. In the PVC Proaqua system, an interesting solution is the water stop protection, which prevents water overflow and damage to the facade. In both cases, we are guaranteed reliable protection for the house even in extreme weather conditions.

Blachodachówka Murano x Rynna Flamingo

Murano sheet metal tile x Flamingo gutter

© Budmat

A finished house deserves a beautiful surrounding arrangement. The Variante fencing system will work well both as a modern, elegant fence for the property, but also as a balcony screen or a decorative element of the facade. Horizontal laths of different widths and small spacing are a universal solution that blends well with house designs of various styles.

Ogrodzenie Variante

Variante fence

© Budmat

Among Budmat's products, in addition to roofs, gutters and fences, you will also find facade sheets, soffits, window and door profiles and reinforcements, and even support structures for photovoltaics. The quality of Budmat's products is backed by a warranty, in the case of roofs up to 50 years. With such a wide and innovative range, customers have the chance to create a modern and safe home with a consistent, personalized character that will last for many years.

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