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Budmat - modern and durable steel roofs

05 of December '22

Steel material ideal for long, peaceful years
. Steel sheet, in addition to its undoubted quality and longevity, is a durable and ecological material, which is of considerable importance today in caring for the environment.

One of the many important advantages of steel is that it weighs very little. Therefore, there is no need for an excessively strong and complicated truss - the roof structure is less stressed compared to roofs made of ceramic or concrete tiles. This means less use of wood, thereby significantly reducing costs and labor time. Thanks to this, too, steel roofing has today become a popular choice all over the world not only for building a new house, but also for replacing the roof, as it does not require reinforcing the old, existing structure.

Dom jednorodzinny z blachodachówką modułową Como

A single-family house with Como modular metal roofing tiles


So what kind of roof for a house should you choose?

First of all, a solid, durable, safe and, in addition, aesthetically pleasing - and this is what a steel sheet roofing will give. Recently, modular steel roofs have conquered the global market enjoying growing popularity among investors. They are appreciated primarily for their exceptional tightness and longevity, not without significance is also the rich variety of designs, coatings and colors, which allows you to achieve a unique aesthetics of the house.

So what are modular roofs? It is safe to say that the best solution for a roof. Made of steel in the form of handy sheets, which, in addition to being strong and durable, are extremely fast and convenient to put on the roof, even by two people.

Blachodachówka modułowa Venecja wraz z dedykowanymi akcesoriami: gąsiorem GS-LUX z zakończeniem skośnym oraz wiatrownicą modułową Venecja

Venecja modular metal roofing tile with dedicated accessories: GS-LUX ridge with slanted end and Venecja modular wind vane


We don't promise impossible things, we promise strong and durable protection for your home, which our modular roofs will give, with a guarantee of up to 50 years. Budmat offers a wide range of modular roof tiles, roof and facade panels and gutter systems for both traditional and modern construction. The roofs we offer are products that will protect your home regardless of the weather: from rain and winter snowstorms to summer heat - always safely.

The highest quality roof and facade products are the result of more than 30 years of development and experience in the production and processing of steel - raw material from the world's renowned steel mills SSAB and ArcelorMittal. The constant search for modern solutions and new technical concepts, while raising quality standards and maintaining the highest aesthetics of our products for the construction industry, is our absolute priority and differentiator in the market.

Your style - your choice!

Modular tile or roof panel? It's already up to you - you choose as you like, as you like and what you need.

The products in our range of modular roofing sheets are a rich collection - Como, Venetia, Murano, Rialto, Bella Sara and Ferrara - each in its own style. The multitude of designs and coatings, rich fashionable colors and universal properties will allow you to make virtually any roof of your dreams, even the most complex. And what is important, modular tile is easy transportation (roof on a pallet) and quick, simple installation on the roof, thanks to the perfect fit of modules and ready-made mounting holes.

Wykończenie domu panelem dachowym IRON Click - na dachu i elewacji

Finishing your house with IRON Click roof panel - on the roof and facade


The IRON Click roof panel, on the other hand, is an innovative premium product in response to the needs of today's modern construction industry. The now popular simple barn-style blocks require elegant, aesthetically pleasing materials and finishes. The innovative IRON Click roof panel, unlike traditional seamed metal sheets, provides a wide range of design possibilities and visual variety. IRON Click is in a class of its own.

Why Budmat steel roofs?

Each of our products has been created with special commitment and attention to detail, so that they are characterized by the highest precision of manufacture, uniqueness and, above all, reliable functionality. High quality, aesthetics and a wide range of designs we created with the most demanding customers and individual expectations in mind, so you can perfectly match the character of the building.

Płaska blachodachówka modułowa Como idealna na dach zarówno domów tradycyjnych, jak i brył nowoczesnych

Como flat modular tile ideal for the roof of both traditional houses and modern blocks


Our modular roofs consist of a number of lightweight, uniform sheets that are easily laid on the roof, with several roofing teams being able to work on different roof slopes at the same time, which greatly speeds up the work. In addition, the factory-prepared holes and screw cupsfurther reduce the working time of roofers, and also allow precise joining of sheets and adjustment of the angle of the slope, even after the sheets have been joined. Vertical embossing, sheet folds, and underdrawing further strengthen the surface and increase the rigidity of the roof.

Unique aesthetics and reliable roof tightness are guaranteed by our complete dedicated finishing accessories and reliable gutter systems. Modular wind braces, universal wind braces, ridge tiles with finials and the Modular Roof Trim system (MOD system) - this is what sets us apart from the competition, because every element of the roof is important to us....

Warianty - (od lewej) wersja standard, mikrofala niska, trapez oraz mikrofala wysoka

Variants - (from left) standard version, low microwave, trapezoid and high microwave


The comprehensiveness of the offer and the matching of products is an added value of choosing the Budmat brand range. A guarantee of consistency, color and material, which cannot be achieved by selecting products from different brands.

The choice seems simple. Certainty and safety of your home thanks to Budmat brand products!

For more information, visit the company's Budmat Bogdan Więcek page on the PdA portal.

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