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Original and modern gates made of aluminum, corten steel and glass

04 of July '20

Gates made of aluminum, corten steel and glass
From the series "Outdoor spaces - solutions, trends in design 2020"

Balu Design has been manufacturing high-quality aluminum gates and fences at its factory in Leitring, Austria, since 1992. The scope of production includes design, CAD planning, welding shop, equipment construction, powder coating and final production - all from a single source based on in-house know-how and human resources. Unique aluminum welding, bolting and bonding systems, developed specifically for gates and fences, guarantee individuality and the highest standards. Production is based on ISO 9001, EN 1090 quality requirements and testing.

GLATTBLECH (gładka blacha)

GLATTBLECH architecture (smooth sheet metal)


GLATTBLECH architecture (smooth sheet metal)

Smooth sheet metal in the frame, on the frame and/or above the guide rail, with visible or invisible attachment on one or both sides of the infill. The Miami model provides safety and security. Executed in timeless elegance with other decorative elements, they give your property a special touch and protect your privacy. The designs are available in one or more colors, and on request also in an infill version identical from the street and property side, with or without a visible attachment.


Architecture GLASS FILLING



Model with glass. Various frame-mounted glass infill designs are available for selection. Precious glass and high-quality aluminum are a perfect combination. The gate is made of weather-resistant material, very durable and requires little care. An aesthetic solution for securing your property.

Architektura CORTEN

CORTEN STEEL architecture


Architecture CORTEN STEEL

Originalcorten steel(corten) is characterized by its naturally irregular surface. Not all parts clad with original corten material are covered with a special steel that imitates the corten core. Due to the weathering process, corten steel forms a strong, impermeable layer, which gives the material a high resistance to natural corrosion. Depending on environmental factors and weathering conditions, the weathering process takes one to three years. Because of the unusual appearance of the rust surface, corten steel combines the straightness of steel with an earthy warmth that blends naturally, which is why it has been used in art and architecture for years.

Architektura PERFORA

Architecture PERFORA


PERFORA Architecture

The functional design captivates with noble, openwork elegance. Perforated sheets in various patterns are available. Find the right combination for you. Through various perforation patterns, you can create your own combination allowing you to shield yourself from your surroundings to the extent you see fit.

Architektura CUMERA

CUMERA Architecture


CUMERA architecture

Coated aluminum strips with a wicker-like appearance. Various strip widths of 60, 80 or 100 mm are available. Wicker products, Latin Cumera, made of wicker poles and wooden strips have been used for thousands of years as fencing. We have rediscovered this design and offer it in three options to fill the fence as a decorative element or as a complete property fence. Fabrication entwined with colored aluminum strips over coated or decorative stainless steel rods. Model architectural sophistication.


Architecture Fencing


Architecture MILLING

Milling is an exciting manufacturing process that is used to produce workpieces that use a specific shape. Give your gate a personal touch. Our new high-tech process allows us to work on milling individual designs in our machining center. Our high-precision tools allow us to make a 2mm sheet with a 1.5mm deep cutter. In this way, we can produce individual products in our factory in a very short time and innovative designs according to your wishes.

For more information, please visit the website of Wyłączny dystrybutor produktów BALU w Polsce: Firma BRAMFELD - the exclusive distributor of products under the BALU brand in Poland, on the website of the A&B portal.

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