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BALU designer aluminum gates and fences. When you want to fence off with class

20 of September '20

BALU aluminum gates and fences tailored to each site and investor's preferences

Austrian company BALU has been offering design, planning (CAD), welding, powder coating and finishing services for aluminum gates and fences for almost 30 years. The company also supplies finished assembly components, including screw, glue and clip systems. The company's products are distinguished by great quality, modern design and a wide variety. Choose from smooth, perforated or milled finishes. Products are available off-the-shelf or created to the investor's individual order.

Blacha gładka © BALU Cumera © BALU

Gates made of plain and imitating braided sheet (Cumera)


Unique collections of aluminum gates and fences

A variety of collections are available in Balu's product range, which includes aluminum gates and fences made of several types of sheet metal. They are designed to meet the needs of all customers and are adapted to field conditions. The company offers a series:

  • Glattblech - sheet metal in a frame - visible or built-in. Elegant and protects the property from the sight of passersby,
  • Amsterdam - opaque fences with a simple, timeless design,
  • Cor-Ten Steel - irregular surface resistant to weathering. The striking finish imitates rust,
  • Galaxy - perforated panel with integrated LED lighting,
  • Lamelle - slats with decorative strips, perfectly protecting the privacy of the householders,
  • Perfora - noble simplicity available in various designs,
  • Cumera - aluminum strips imitating wicker braid,
  • Milling - mapping of individual patterns in the BALU machining center,
  • Casseta - privacy guaranteed by stable and smooth panels,
  • Stockholm - perforated sheet in classic or modern design,
  • Schregbau - automatic gate with angled guidance, ideal for sloping areas,
  • Special - technically and visually custom-designed gate,
  • Aluminum gates filled with glass.

Brama przemysłowa © BALU Brama teleskopowa © BALU

The company offers gates not only for private buildings


BALU gates and fences are suitable for both private properties, as well as airports, prisons, embassies, government facilities, seaports and many others.

For more information, visit the company's Wyłączny dystrybutor produktów BALU w Polsce: Firma BRAMFELD page on the A&B portal.

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