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High-quality aluminum gates and fences

02 of September '22

High quality aluminum gates and fences

HOLLER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. has been producing high-quality aluminum gates and fences at its factory in Leitring, Austria, since 1992. Manufacturing scope includes development, CAD planning, welding shop, powder coating and finishing. Unique aluminum, welding, screw and clip and glue systems, developed specifically for gates and fences, guarantee individuality and the highest technical standards. The products are tested in accordance with strict quality standards and are based on the requirements of ISO 9001, EN 1090 and testing in accordance with EN 13241-1.

Blacha frezowana

Milled sheet metal


Unlimited selection of HOLLER solutions

GLATTBLECH architecture (smooth sheet metal)

Smooth sheet metal in the frame, on the frame and/or above the guide rail, with visible or invisible fixing on one or both sides of the infill. The Miami model provides safety and security. Executed in timeless elegance with other decorative elements, they give the property a special touch and protect privacy. The designs are available in one or more colors, and on request also in an infill version identical on the street and property sides, with or without visible fastening.

AMSTERDAM Architecture

The Amsterdam model features a timeless, simple design and is the perfect complement to modern architecture. The spacing of the battens can be individually selected and can be made up to a height of 2.5 meters. Also ideal for those who value complete privacy (opaque).




Architecture filled with glass

Precious glass and high-quality aluminum are beautifully combined. The gate is made of weather-resistant material, very durable and requires little care. An aesthetically pleasing solution for securing your property.

COR-TEN STEEL architecture

The original COR-TEN steel is characterized by a naturally irregular surface. Due to the weathering process, COR-TEN steel forms a strong, impermeable layer that gives the material a high resistance to natural corrosion. Depending on environmental factors and weathering conditions, the weathering process takes one to three years. Because of the unusual appearance of the rust surface, COR-TEN steel combines the straightness of steel with an earthy warmth that blends naturally, which is why it has been used in art and architecture for years.

GALAXY Architecture

Sliding gate with rounded corners, special perforated panel with logo and with integrated LED lighting.

Brama przemysłowa

Industrial gate


LAMELLE architecture

A modern yet elegant option for visual protection for the home. The slats have decorative stripes that refer to the fence made on the basis of lattice panel and opaque tape. The lamelle model is used wherever we value our privacy.

PERFORA architecture

Elegant design captivates with noble simplicity. Perforated sheets in various patterns are available, allowing you to create your own combination to shield yourself from your surroundings.




CUMERA Architecture

Coated aluminum strips with a wicker look. Wicker products, Latin for Cumera, made of wicker poles and wooden strips have been used for thousands of years as fencing. The company offers it in three variants to fill the fence as a decorative element or as a complete property fence.




Architecture MILLING

Milling is a manufacturing process that is used to produce workpieces in which a specific shape is used. It gives the gate a personal touch. A new high-tech process allows the work of milling individual designs in the machining center. Precision tools make it possible to make a 2 mm sheet with a 1.5 mm deep cutter. In this way, it is possible to produce individual products in j factory in a very short time and innovative designs according to customers' wishes.

CASSETA architecture

TheCASSETA variant, available in two versions, protects privacy with an elegant shielding system. Made of stable and smooth surfaces.




Architecture SZTOKHOLM

Perforated sheet metal was commonly used as fence infill in the 1950s and 1960s. This design has been experiencing a renaissance for some time. Perforated metal impresses with its high architectural value. Whether classic or state-of-the-art design , it is timeless and valuable.

SCHREGBAU architecture (angled guided gates)

Sloping terrain and slopes are not a problem! The company matches the design with the right drive technology and protection adapted to the terrain. All sliding gates adapted to the slope are equipped with anti-opening protection. This prevents the gate from unintentionally moving on its own.

Brama teleskopowa

Telescopic gate


SPECIAL architecture

It is possible to create an original gate on request. Just send a design or a handwritten sketch, and the Company will prepare a product that meets the requirements and complies with safety standards. Individual solutions optimally adapt to their surroundings and convince both technically and optically.

Applications of HOLLER products in various industries:

  • airports
  • industry
  • prisons
  • power plants
  • logistics
  • seaports
  • military facilities
  • embassies
  • public facilities
  • government facilities
  • private properties.

For more information, visit the company's HOLLER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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