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Aluminum and quartz sinter plate - reliable XCEL fences

03 of September '22

Modern and classy

As is well known, the house is the business card of its inhabitants, but it is the fence that is the real showcase of the entire property. It is the one that serves to separate the private space from the publicly accessible one, so it is worth ensuring that it is unique and functional. What is extremely important in the arrangement of the property is to create a coherent composition between the body of the house, the garden surrounding the whole and the fence, whose role goes far beyond purely aesthetic aspects.

Elegancka kompozycja
systemów Arete Pure, Arete Vertico i Rockina Cubero

Elegant composition of Arete Pure, Arete Vertico and Rockina Cubero systems


When selecting a fence to decorate the area, it is worthwhile to properly match it to the style in which the building is maintained. If the house is more traditional, then a more classical, perhaps openwork system will certainly work for it, being an elegant complement to the whole. In the case when the body of the house is more innovative, a minimalist and modern fence will be perfect, which will bring out even more class from the property.

Słupki Arete Vertico
jako idealne dopełnienie nowoczesnego ogrodzenia

Arete Vertico posts as the perfect complement to a modern fence


Reliable solutions

XCEL fencing systems are distinguished by their modern character providing security, comfort and privacy. We know perfectly well that a fence is an investment for years, which is why our offer includes products of the highest quality, reliable and almost maintenance-free, which are additionally equipped with integrated, automated functions.

Wyjątkowa kolorystyka
systemu Arete Pure

The unique colors of the Arete Pure system


Many years of experience have strengthened our conviction that aluminum fences are ideal for all conditions. Aluminum panels can also imitate wood, however, unlike natural raw material, they do not require impregnation or special attention to the change of seasons. Aluminum elements are also much lighter than, for example, steel which makes them easier to handle.

Beton architektoniczny
jako nowatorskie wykończenie ogrodzenia

Architectural concrete as an innovative fence finish


Our reliable proposal for complementing fences are slabs of quartz sinters. The sinters can be likened to natural stones such as sandstone, granite or marble, for example, which influences the great interest in them among architects and aesthetic enthusiasts. Installation of quartz sintered slabs, due to lower weight, is much more efficient even on large surfaces such as floors, walls, facades or fences.

System Arete Horizon
Massive w towarzystwie betonu architektonicznego

Arete Horizon Massive system accompanied by architectural concrete


The company XCEL® Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. provides a comprehensive service from measurements, through design to implementation and service. Using the advice of our specialists, you can be sure that together we will create a modern fence that will meet all expectations, and the implementation will be carried out at the highest level, from materials to installation.

For more information, visit the company's XCEL® Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. page on the PdA portal.

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