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HÖRMANN - leader among garage door manufacturers

16 of December '22

With 80 years of experience in the production of garage doors, Hörmann is the undisputed leader among their manufacturers in Europe. It offers a very wide range of different types of doors, and uses numerous patented solutions to construct and improve them.

Focusing on the highest quality products - expressed in their safety, high thermal insulation and durability - Hörmann also pays attention to aesthetics, ensuring both a harmonious appearance of its garage doors and giving customers a wide range of options for matching the door to the appearance of the building facade.


Brama segmentowa LPU 42 serii Duragrain z indywidualnym nadrukiem

Sectional door LPU 42 series Duragrain with individual imprint


  • Overhead sectional
    Gates with very good thermal insulation are available in an unusually wide selection of designs and colors and with decorative stainless steel applications
    . The richness of design allows the gate to harmoniously match the style of both modern and traditional buildings.
    Particularly noteworthy are the gates of the Duragrain series, thanks to the innovative printing technology, which makes it possible to apply various patterns directly to the gate panel. The range includes 25 unique surfaces that are deceptively reminiscent of concrete, rusty steel, bamboo and other woods, for example. Duragrain technology also gives you the opportunity to independently design a unique and exceptional gate according to your own ideas. Durable appearance and scratch resistance is ensured by the final coating made of highly durable varnish.
    Among the overhead sectional gates are also ART 42 g ates made of aluminum frames with glazing and ART 42 Thermo, in which the aluminum frames are additionally equipped with a thermal baffle. Such gates provide very good lighting for the garage. When they are used in garage halls, perforated sheet metal or steel mesh is used instead of transparent filling, thus ensuring effective ventilation of parking spaces.

Aluminiowa brama segmentowa ART 42 z przeszkleniem

ART 42 aluminum sectional door with glazing


  • Side sectional
    Side sectional doors are designed for garages with low lintels and those where there is no space under the ceiling. They are also an excellent solution when the door is the only entrance to the garage - as they can have a wicket door function that allows for partial opening. Offered in several types of designs and surfaces, including woodgrain veneer.


All Hörmann sectional doors are offered with modern and highly secure fourth-generation operators - ProMatic or SupraMatic. These operators have a mechanical safety device that makes it impossible to undermine a closed door. However, the level of security can be further increased when you equip the gate with a certified anti-intruder kit of RC 2 class, which can be installed in already installed garage doors.

ProMatic and SupraMatic series 4 gate operators are equipped as standard with BiSecur, which operates in 128-bit technology. Such protection of the transmitted signal when opening or closing the gate makes it impossible to be intercepted or copied by a possible thief. In addition, the sense of security is increased by the possibility of receiving a feedback message at any time with information on whether the gate is definitely closed and in what position it is.


The reliable, extremely economical ET 500 up-and-over garage doors open and close very quietly, smoothly and safely. They take up little space under the lintel, and thanks to a wear-free counterbalance mechanism they require almost no maintenance. The gate, including the drive, ensures low operating costs. The design is prepared for 250,000 gate cycles. The company also offers ST 500 sliding doors for collective garages and TGT rolling grilles designed for intensive use.

Brama uchylna ET 500 do garaży zbiorczych

Overhead door ET 500 for collective garages



Hörmann is also an established manufacturer of solutions for facility and industrial construction. The company's Series 60 sectional doors offer a combination of the best technical performance and state-of-the-art design. The steel sectional doors are designed for logistics and warehouse halls, among others. The many types of guidance offered allow these gates to be used in various installation situations. They are also quiet and fast. They are complemented by a new drive and control unit with a Bluetooth module and HCP interface, which enable digital service solutions and remote maintenance services. In combination with the WA 500 FU axial drive and 560 control, they can open at maximum speeds of up to 1 m/s.

On the other hand, full-surface glazed aluminum doors are ideal for car dealerships, vehicle service stations and other representative facilities. In such cases, security is particularly important. To provide the best protection against possible burglary attempts, all industrial sectional doors of the 60 series are equipped as standard with an anti-lifting device on both sides of the door. As an option, Hörmann offers additional protection that meets the requirements of RC Class 2.

Hörmann also attaches great importance to thermal insulation. In this regard, the best are the SPU 67 Thermo doors made of 67 mm thick steel segments filled with PU foam. Installed with a ThermoFrame profile, they achieve a thermal insulation coefficient of up to 0.51 W/(m²∙K).

Bramy segmentowe SPU 67 Thermo z przeszkleniem i drzwiami przejściowymi bez wystającego progu

SPU 67 Thermo sectional doors with glazing and wicket doors without a protruding threshold


Hörmann also offers high-end equipment for loading and unloading technology (including ramps, docks and dock houses, and seals), entry control systems, as well as rolling gates and grilles, high-speed doors, and sliding fire doors and multi-functional doors. The company also provides 24/7 service support.

Kompleksowe rozwiązania do techniki przeładunku (bramy, rampy i uszczelnienia)

Comprehensive solutions for handling technology (doors, ramps and seals)


For more information, visit the company's Hörmann Polska sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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