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Trilux light fixtures

19 of December '22



- How do we meet the new demands of smart building and increasing digitization?
- Can we move away from repetitive design without distinctive aesthetics without sacrificing lighting quality?
- Where, in times of energy crisis and concern for the environment - to find products that fit into the circular economy model and support the idea of sustainability?
- Is there a universal solution for different rooms that meets the increased requirements for quality and durability of light, as well as specific standards such as dust and water resistance?
- How to shorten the complicated process of installing new lighting fixtures?

Solution: TUGRA is a novelty and a breakthrough in luminaires! The combination of a modern cylindrical shape, smart IoT modules and the ability to customize the luminaire, make it a versatile answer to the needs of many projects. From production halls (thanks to its high IP66 rating) to open space in office spaces. TUGRA can be either a stand-alone luminaire or form a series of luminaires. The possibility of choosing an individual color of the caps from the RAL palette, is an opportunity to emphasize the character of the interior. Modules such as CO2 sensor, Wi-Fi signal amplifier, camera or motion sensor are the beginning of the era of digital luminaires, which in addition to remote management, collect data for us in the cloud. TUGRA is not just a luminaire - it's a holistic concept that becomes a luminous denominator for innovation and universal application! Recyclable materials, without synthetic dyes, optimize the recovery of individual parts, so that TRILUX uses components from the entire product life cycle for new production. The whole is complemented by easy and fast assembly and intuitive connection of individual components.

Zeskanuj kod QR i dowiedz się więcej o inteligentnych modułach IoT

Scan the QR code and learn more about IoT smart modules

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- Can the lighting of entrance and circulation areas be economical, environmentally friendly, and at the same time feature an attractive design emphasizing the interior architecture?
- What choices can be made at a time of increasing pressure to modernize lighting due to rising energy costs?
- How to meet sustainability and building certification requirements with lighting?

Solution: olisq is a series of luminaires with a consistent design that offers exceptional flexibility when designing lighting. With 3 shapes, 9 sizes and 1 design, it's a recipe for the perfect architectural effect with LED luminaires. With Olisq, the best performance in terms of efficiency and service life are put into the hands of architects, meeting the requirements of certifications such as BREEAM, while generating significant electricity savings. The luminaires are designed to make lighting retrofits a breeze - no painting or drilling new holes thanks to their 1:1 replacement capability.

OLISQ – seria opraw geometrycznych, 3 kształty, 9 rozmiarów, wiele możliwości!

OLISQ - a series of geometric luminaires, 3 shapes, 9 sizes, many possibilities!

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- How to choose LED luminaires for diverse lighting tasks in a single project area?
- Is it possible to combine high quality lighting and consistent design despite different luminaires installed in one space?

The solution: the modular Sonnos LED luminaire series meets all the requirements for downlight luminaires. It is available in square and round variants and in four sizes, and gives you a choice of optical system, lighting technology and mounting method. Despite this diversity, the entire series maintains a consistent design, making it possible to realize complex lighting projects in a uniform design. Each type of Sonnos LED luminaire - surface-mounted, flush-mounted and wall-mounted - provides harmonious aesthetics and repeatable light performance, being an excellent and discreet source of light in the office, commercial premises or hotel.

SONNOS LED – oprawy typu downlight, spójne wzornictwo dla różnych potrzeb oświetleniowych

SONNOS LED - downlight luminaires, consistent design for different lighting needs

© Trilux



- How to adapt lighting to changing professional conditions - the increasingly common hybrid work and New Work concepts?
- Can light support the well-being of employees and affect the quality of their work?

Solution: Work environments are undergoing a transformation - rigid structures are disappearing, working from home is becoming an alternative, making us reluctant to return to office spaces. This calls not only for flexible and comfortable room design, but also for modern lighting concepts that combine excellent light with flexibility and customization options that positively impact employee well-being. TRILUX Bicult LED luminaire is a revolution in office lighting. It is the first desk luminaire with direct and indirect light emission. Indirect light directed upward illuminates the entire room, while direct light perfectly illuminates the workspace. At the same time, the user can set his or her individual light using buttons on the luminaire or via the app. This allows you to select parameters that mimic natural sunlight at certain times of the day. A cooler light temperature will stimulate our concentration, while a warmer one will calm us down and promote creative work.

BICULT – oprawa, która wpisuje się w nowe trendy pracy biurowej

BICULT - a luminaire that fits into the new trends of office work

© Trilux



- How to maximize lighting energy consumption and at the same time maintain the necessary individual light parameters for a given space?
- Are we able to automate the operation of a lighting system without sensors and a DALI control line?

Solution: LED energy-saving luminaires are the first step toward reducing energy consumption and real environmental benefits. We take it to the next level by integrating luminaires using an intelligent lighting management system like LiveLink Premium. Controlling lighting parameters to adjust them to traffic and sunlight levels, as well as creating lighting scenarios to increase the comfort of the room - these are just some of its functionalities. The combination of LED luminaires with automatic and reliable control of light points makes it possible to reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 80%! The system is launched and operated via a graphical interface on an iOS or Android mobile device - fast, simple and intuitive.

LIVELINK PREMIUM – inteligenty system zarządzania oświetleniem

LIVELINK PREMIUM - intelligent lighting management system

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