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Joniec - concrete fences and elements of small garden architecture

06 of December '23

JONIEC® is a leading Polish manufacturer of concrete fences and elements of small garden architecture. For more than 30 years it has been expanding its product range, developing and implementing proprietary products putting the main emphasis on innovation and modernity. All products meet the standards and requirements necessary to maintain leadership in the extremely competitive Polish and European market.

ROMA Classic, kolor gagat

ROMA Classic, color gagat

© Joniec


  • High quality and durability

  • Multiple arrangement possibilities

  • Easy installation

  • Variety of colors.

GORC® Peak, kolor wanad

GORC® Peak, vanadium color

© Joniec


  • Split fences

  • Smooth modular fences

  • Multigrain fences

  • Scratch fences

  • Facade tiles

  • Facade blocks

  • Prefabricated foundations

  • Slope elements

  • Slate pavers

  • Split sidewalk

  • Gazons

  • Garden palisades.

ROMA Classic, kolor biały

ROMA Classic, white color

© Joniec


JONIEC® has created a free tool for customers to design their own fence. Just follow a few steps:

In the HELP tab you will find all the necessary tips and information to help you create your own fence design.

ROMA Horizon, kolor amber

ROMA Horizon, amber color

© Joniec

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