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Outdoor spaces – around the building. Inspiration and technology 2023

01 of July '23

Outdoor spaces – trends 2023

Completing a development's outdoor spaces is fundamental to creating a personal showcase. Proper selection and matching of elements such as fencing, landscaping, paving and lighting is a key action to create an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive building environment. When looking for suitable solutions, it is worth following the determinants, which are high quality of workmanship and the appearance of the product.

Ease of installation
Multiplicity of design ideas
Modular fences

Modular fences are systems of modern and innovative fence blocks. They are characterized by ease of installation and their versatility. The multitude of systems and colors of blocks, allows you to tailor your investment to your own needs. Each system is characterized by an extensive range of colors and a unique surface texture. The use of innovative Scratch and Multigrain technologies is responsible for this.

Ogrodzenie ROMA Horizon

ROMA Horizon fence


Unique character
On the pattern of natural stone
Split fences

The GORC® fencing system has reigned supreme in the concrete fencing market for more than twenty years. Blocks with a split structure, imitating natural stone, form the showpiece of many properties. Their adaptation to both modern and classic forms allows to create timeless combinations. The first system made available to the market was GORC® de Luxe, which is still available today from JONIEC®.


GORC® fencing was awarded the European QUALITY OF THE YEAR® certificate 3 times in 2011, 2014 and 2016, while in 2018 it was awarded the HOME ZONE Quality and Reliability Certificate. The development of further proprietary technologies and the modernization of production made it possible to enrich the GORC® fence line with new elements and systems.

Ogrodzenie GORC® PEAK

GORC® PEAK fence


An interesting alternative to steel, aluminum and wooden spans
KOMBO® concrete spans

KOMBO® concrete elements are an interesting alternative to steel, aluminum and wooden spans. Their shapes and sizes allow them to be combined in many ways, giving the fence an extremely impressive and modern look. Concrete shapes can also be used to create unusual architectural solutions, such as balcony or terrace railings, wall inserts, walls and borders.

Ogrodzenie modułowe ROMA i KOMBO®

ROMA and KOMBO® modular fencing


The perfect complement to your garden
Garden architecture

Garden architecture is a simple way to organize the garden space and around the building. It also performs a decorative function, perfectly complementing your investment. The elements can easily be matched to the color of the fence, creating a cohesive and durable arrangement.

Elementy skarpowe RIO

RIO slope elements


Creative and imaginative combination creating a unique effect

Paving elements complement the arrangement of the surroundings. Stylish and durable garden paths, house surroundings and garages, perfectly harmonize with fencing and landscaping elements. The combination of practical and decorative use makes up the uniqueness of this solution.

Chodnik łupany Alaska

Alaska split sidewalk


Durable and modern crowning of the investment
Gates, wickets, fence spans

At JONIEC® we make sure that the client can comprehensively select all the necessary elements needed to build an elegant and modern fence. That is why our offer includes a wide range of gates, wickets and fence spans. Both steel and aluminum.

Ogrodzenie ROMA Horizon

ROMA Horizon fence


Functional decoration for home, garden and fence
Fencing System Accessories

Traditional accessories, enriched with practical functions and applications. Lamps and letterboxes, offered by JONIEC®, have been prepared to be compatible with fence and landscaping elements, while maintaining a high level of aesthetics and functional value.

Lampa ogrodowa 94397

Garden lamp 94397


For more information, visit the company's JONIEC® page on the PdA portal.

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