NSS Sp. z o.o.

BCS is a Polish brand created in 2008. Many years of experience in the electronic security systems sector has given us the opportunity to create a unique group of products. For 13 years, the national brand BCS has been one of the best recognized brands in the CCTV industry.

Knowing very well the needs of the market, we know what should characterize a high-quality product, while maintaining a competitive price and providing technical and design support at the highest level. Creating the BCS brand, we cooperate with companies from all over the world. We select the best solutions from the market, suggest improvements, thus making BCS a unique product. Our partners are the world's largest corporations and small local companies offering unique solutions. We also try to popularize Polish ideas, creating in the country our own proprietary software tailored to individual customer requirements. In addition, we cooperate with other domestic companies providing unique technologies that we adapt to the solutions offered in BCS systems. In this way, we create exclusive products needed for professional installation. As a result, our solutions are unique - like a tailor-made suit - tailored to individual requirements.

The BCS offer consists of each line from the CCTV product group, including the following products: economic, standard and professional dedicated to projects. Customers can find systems based on any technology, includingHD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD, ANALOG. We offer both small DVRs designed to handle a few cameras and state-of-the-art IP dedicated to the largest systems used in the world. All accessories necessary for installation such as power supplies, brackets, mounting boxes are checked and tested by our engineers and marketed as an integral part of the BCS system.

The BCS office and main warehouse were built in Warsaw. The high-bay warehouse provides a secure base for our customers. We take care of maintaining stock slopes and what is related to this, the constant availability of goods. In our office, we have created Quality, Technical Support, Service, Sales, Projects and Marketing Departments. The Quality team inspects the products supplied by each BCS Partner. The Technical Team offers assistance in case of doubts related to the installation or software of BCS products. Qualified Service personnel ensure that repairs are carried out quickly and reliably. Service is on-site in Warsaw, so we reduce unnecessary bureaucracy respecting the time of BCS users. The Projects Department assists our customers with large investments by offering assistance at every stage. The Sales Department actively advises on equipment selection and order creation. The Marketing Department implements the strategy, buyer-oriented helps and supports its contractors. It organizes industry events for customers and together with them promotes the BCS brand. The company's growth is based on long-term relationships with suppliers and customers. We offer both the stability of the offer, as well as many novelties and innovations. Aspiring to be a Partner and not just a supplier, we have created the "BCS for Professionals" program for our customers. Including subsidiaries, the company has nearly 100 employees, competent and ready to serve BCS buyers and users. Our service is offered in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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