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Photovoltaic fencing as an alternative to rooftop installation

06 of December '23

Meet Enovio - an innovative company that transforms ordinary architectural elements into high-tech energy sources. Our mission is to create solutions that generate energy where it was previously impossible. We manufacture our own photovoltaic panels of custom sizes and shapes which allows us to design out-of-the-box solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding.

Our offer includes fences, railings, carports, garbage sheds, facade panels and urban furniture. All the products we offer come in both variants with and without photovoltaics.

Carport aluminiowy zintegrowany z ogrodzeniem

Aluminum carport integrated with fencing

© Enovio

Design and features tailored to your needs

In our offer we have as many as 12 variants of fences differing in design, material, functionalities and price. This allows us to always offer something unique, tailored perfectly to your needs. Each variant of the fence can be adjusted in height and width. We also offer a range of functional add-ons and supplements such as multibox boxes, carports, garbage sheds or gate canopies, which perfectly match the fence and make it even more functional.

Ogrodzenie Pall – designerskie ogrodzenie bez górnej poprzeczki

Pall fence - a designer fence without a top crossbar

© Enovio

2in1 - integrated photovoltaics and perfectly designed building elements

The most important feature of all our products is that they offer two functions in one. This saves time and money during installation. At the same time, the customer gets an efficient photovoltaic installation that will significantly reduce electricity bills. Integrated photovoltaics do not take up additional space, are aesthetically integrated into the building and are virtually invisible on the building.

Ogrodzenie horizontal PV – aluminiowe lamele zintegrowane z panelami fotowoltaicznymi

Horizontal PV fence - aluminum laths integrated with photovoltaic panels

© Enovio

Photovoltaic fence as an alternative to rooftop installation

The solar fencing we developed is an excellent way to install photovoltaic where it was previously impossible. Often when facing the decision to install photovoltaics, we encounter problems such as an unsightly appearance on the building or a roof with a complex shape that does not allow for sufficient yield. Solar fencing is a new opportunity - by locating photovoltaics outside the building, we increase the safety of the installation by minimizing the risk of surges and, in addition, we have much easier service access to the panels and cable connections.

Carport ePark – aluminiowe zadaszenie z panelami Rodzina ogrodzeń Enovio - 12 różnych modeli o różnych wzorach fotowoltaicznymi o łącznej mocy ponad 4 kW

Carport ePark - aluminum canopy with panels Enovio fence family - 12 different models with different photovoltaic designs with a total power of over 4 kW

© Enovio

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