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Hygiene in public spaces of cities of the future

10 of April '20

The world will no longer be the same...

It seems that the pandemic has already changed forever the way users function in public spaces. In spite of our will, we pay attention to how far away people are from others, such as watching "pre-coronavirus" videos. There are also new needs to maintain hygiene in public places.

A Polish innovation is a new product: the Enovio Dispenser - a smart urban distributor of antibacterial liquid. The product is an autonomous device, and the energy for operation is fully green and comes from the sun. This solution provides a number of conveniences. The most important is the ability to set up outdoors in virtually any place, regardless of the distance from the electric grid. Power supply through a specially designed photovoltaic panel also allows you to change the location of the device, it can be easily moved to a new place. The batteries that power the dispenser are recharged every day and require no additional attention.

The dispenser is made of stainless steel, which means that even years of use and exposure to rain and sunshine leave little trace on it. Of course, the dispenser is activated without contact, the dispensing of the liquid is activated by a proximity sensor.

Enovio Dispenser can be set up in a park, on the sidewalk by the street, in front of the entrance to a building: shopping center, sports hall, office building, hotel, hospital, office. One unit holds a 5-liter container, enough for 2,500 users. The only operation is to replace the empty liquid container with a full one. The need for such replacement is signaled to the user by a sensor inside the dispenser.

Notifications come automatically, the device is equipped with a microcomputer that informs via wireless internet about the level of filling of the container. As a result, users have uninterrupted access to antibacterial liquid, and administration has full control and convenience of operation. The product is modular - it can function both as a wall-mounted version and as a pair with a garbage can or a second dispenser. An additional advantage is its futuristic design and vandal-proof housing. Enovio recently received the prestigious "MUST HAVE" award as part of the 10th anniversary of the Lodz Design Festival competition.

The role of a designer is to respond dynamically to the needs of the environment, says Jaroslaw Markiewicz - industrial design designer of Enovio.

This is exactly what the dispenser project was. A new need appeared, so it required a completely new, previously unknown answer. We don't quite know how the current situation will develop, how our lives will be affected by the current experience, but certainly the ease with which viruses spread will have a major impact on public awareness. Interestingly, hygiene in public spaces is a topic practically untouched by design, solutions providing easy disinfection without the need for disposable wipes or our own liquid have been lacking until now, and after all, it's not just coronavirus bacteria that can be transmitted on our hands. Admittedly, there are solutions for indoor use - on the walls, but no one has yet designed a device that can function in public spaces.

When designing the device," says Jaroslaw Markiewicz, "I wanted to create a solution that would be easily accessible to everyone, here photovoltaics, which we integrate with other Enovio products on a daily basis, came to our aid. In the case of the dispenser, it has a very important role, powering the proximity sensor, the pump dispensing the liquid, and the filling sensor informing of running out of liquid. This makes our device autonomous and automatic notifications will keep things running smoothly. I hope that the solution we have created will stay with us for a long time and will not be just a temporary answer to the current problem, this type of device should be an integral part of the space around us because it answers one of our basic needs - a sense of security.

Dispensers available on the market for indoor needs were not created for mass use. Reputable retail chains are already beginning to understand this, as they use devices that they managed to import on short notice from China, not to mention the fact that they mostly do not contain a proximity sensor, after a few days these plastics break and require constant monitoring as they are small. In addition, the dispenser should be placed outside to disinfect your hands after touching the handle, whether you are returning from the store, the office or the hospital. Designs for devices with a pedal are already being born, but they do not have fill sensors, as they do not have an independent power supply.

The product has already passed tests with users and first customers. Several pieces of Enovio Dispenser are already disinfecting the hands of Varsovians.

We have a production capacity of 2,000 devices, such is the amount we can produce in May, says Enovio CEO Wojciech Olejniczak. Our company specializes in providing smart city furniture, such as photovoltaic benches with sensors. The company manufactures the photovoltaic panels, electronics and structure on its own, thanks to its machinery, its own prototyping plant and a team of experienced designers and engineers in the field of "photovoltaicsof things" and "internet of things."

The product is entirely Polish. Talks with cities and sales networks are underway, interest in the device is high, inquiries from abroad are coming in, as the product meets current demand and has the functionality of a smart city furniture with modern Smart City sensors.

This is not a product of a momentary need," convinces designer Piotr Klama, "from now on, hygiene will become a necessity for functioning in public places. The current pandemic has found virtually all institutions and companies unprepared; the product will make our customers' spaces safer both now and in the event of a possible recurrence of the pandemic. The current situation has given everyone pause for thought - hygiene contributes to a healthier lifestyle, including in the face of infection with the common cold or flu.

In the first instance, the company will serve the domestic market. The company's proximity to customers will also allow it to realize services - filling, monitoring and fluid delivery. This will provide the customer with a holistic solution. The Polish product has a chance to bring European cities closer to the future and a new reality as well.

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