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WIŚNIOWSKI. Combines the best

07 of December '22

WIŚNIOWSKI. Combines the best

Imagine being able to combine the best of everything. Your vision with design and quality, and your planned investment with the comfort and safety of your customers. Bet on gates and fences by WIŚNIOWSKI, a manufacturer with over 33 years of experience in the industry.

WIŚNIOWSKI Gates. Technology and comfort

WIŚNIOWSKI gates are top quality, timeless design and strong, durable construction. The possibility to make garage doors in RAL colors and wood-like colors, combined with the offer of various embossments, structures, glazing and additional decorative elements, provides a wide range of personalization possibilities. Products are distinguished by very good thermal insulation parameters. A guarantee of 25,000 "opening-closing" cycles ensures almost 17 years of safe use.

Bramy, okna, drzwi i ogrodzenia z funkcją smartCONNECTED™

Gates, windows, doors and fences with smartCONNECTED™ functionality

© Wiśniowski

WIŚNIOWSKI garage doors' high safety standard offers a number of well-thought-out solutions: specially shaped panels, protection in case of wire breakage, integrated protection system against leaf fall in case of torsion springs breakage or photocells.

WIŚNIOWSKI's range of gates is adapted to both residential buildings and industrial facilities.

Kolekcja MODERN, wzór AW.10.108

MODERN collection, pattern AW.10.108

© Wiśniowski

WIŚNIOWSKI Fences. Reliable construction

WIŚNIOWSKI certified fences mean exceptional aesthetics, full automation, reliable operation in all conditions and safety in all dimensions. The 10-year anti-corrosion warranty for DUPLEX fences provides quadruple protection for the steel used through: zinc layer, iron phosphating, chrome-free passivation and polyester paint. WIŚNIOWSKI Company offers system solutions tailored to each property. Customization of all fencing elements ensures effective installation and consistency of the final implementation.

Smart home with WIŚNIOWSKI

The smartCONNECTED™ function gives you the possibility to remotely control garage and entrance gates, terrace windows and external doors with an electric lock from anywhere in the world using a smartphone. The io-homecontrol radio path is factory-integrated in the drives that are part of WIŚNIOWSKI products. This eliminates the need to purchase additional modules, interfaces, power supplies and further wiring. smartCONNECTED™ combines the best in one application.

Kolekcja CLASSIC, wzór AW.10.76

CLASSIC collection, pattern AW.10.76

© Wiśniowski

Complementary offer

WIŚNIOWSKI brand's complementary offer allows you to create a design-coherent set of gates, windows, doors and fences in cooperation with a single manufacturer, which translates into a more reliable installation and maintenance service, as well as a satisfying design of perfectly matching products made of various materials. All products in the Home Inclusive™ system harmonize with each other, delighting with original applications and unusual colors from the manufacturer's proprietary palette.

Brama UniTherm, kolor Dąb Naturalny w strukturze smoothgrain

UniTherm gate, color Natural Oak in smoothgrain structure

© Wiśniowski

For more information about WIŚNIOWSKI products, visit the Products for Architects page.

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