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Guardi - representative, durable fences for privacy and security

06 of December '21

The ideal fence should be durable, representative and provide privacy and security for the property owners. When choosing a particular product, it is worth betting on a trusted brand like GUARDI | O.B.A. sp. z o.o..

Model Nouveu

Nouveu model


We are a leading manufacturer of aluminum fences, railings and carports, which are an excellent alternative to traditional steel and wood products. Unlike their steel counterparts, they are corrosion-resistant, durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions perfectly, and are characterized by extremely lightweight construction.

Model Palermo

Palermo model


Our products are powder-coated. You can choose from a wide range of RAL shades and thermo-printing, which makes it possible to get a fence in a shade that perfectly imitates real wood. We are distinguished by a unique style, which perfectly fits into the current trends in architecture and construction.

Model Plissee

Plissee model


GUARDI company has a Quality Certificate and the right to use the CE mark. In addition, we give you the opportunity to customize the dimensions of the range.

Model Linea

Linea model


Quality is very important to us. Thanks to solid construction, excellent technical parameters, resistance and the use of innovative technologies, we are able to ensure the durability and many years of trouble-free operation of our products.

Carport Pantheon

Carport Pantheon



  • 15-year warranty - to emphasize the exceptional durability and quality of GUARDI products, we give a 15-year warranty on the surface coating of aluminum profiles.
  • Stable screw system - thanks to it GUARDI products are free from unsightly welds. All components are separately powder coated and then bolted together.
  • Exceptional quality - we guarantee the high durability of our products. We have a Quality Certificate and the right to use the CE mark.
  • Exceptionaldesign - we offer models of fences and railings in modern and classic styles, so everyone will find a product to meet their expectations.
  • "To size " - we customize the dimensions of the assortment to meet the individual needs of customers.

For more information, visit the company's GUARDI | O.B.A. sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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