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Made-to-measure bathroom: new collections by Defra

16 of November '23

A successful bathroom arrangement should reflect not only the character, but also the functional needs of its users. Defra's new collections combine sophisticated design with exceptional functionality.

Defra is a brand created by Deftrans, the Polish market leader in bathroom and kitchen furniture. For many years, Deftrans has been providing high-quality furniture, setting trends in the industry. The company relies exclusively on modern, eco-friendly technologies and high-quality components.

Kolekcja Fuego

Fuego collection


Defra Compose

Defra Compose is a modular collection that includes: cabinets, cubbies, washbasins, mirrors, handles and legs, from which you can compose original sets. The series also includes Defra Minerals laminate and conglomerate countertops - easy to clean, durable and water-resistant countertops with antibacterial properties. In addition, each collection offers dedicated furniture and countertop sinks, available in a variety of styles and shapes.

Fuego collection and trendy millwork

Millingis conquering the bathroom market, and an example of furniture with this decoration is the Fuego modular collection. Its available geometric legs and point handles in three colors allow you to play with style. The furniture comes in the shade of matte white and matte black.

Kolekcja Isole

Isole collection


Isole collection - furniture with a subtle touch

An alternative to richly decorated fronts is furniture with delicate milling. In the Isole collection, the only decorative element is a single mill, which surrounds the point handles of the cabinets. The series offers Puro handles in matte black, gold gloss or chrome gloss. Elegant Modica legs will further emphasize the geometry of the solids. Design: Studio Politowicz

Kolekcja Avola

Avola collection


Minimalism in a new version in the Avola collection

In the Avola collection contrasting cabinet handles, in black or chrome, have been hidden in their fronts, giving minimalist furniture an original touch. A wide selection of solids to choose from allows you to create capacious sets, and a functional complement to the development will be a spacious countertop.

Kolekcja Faro

Faro collection


Faro collection, or design inspired by nature

The Faro collection offers furniture in timeless white or in fashionable artisan oak decor. The final appearance of the cabinetry here is determined by the handles, available in three variants and in three color versions, depending on the variant. Choose from Twig handles, in single- or two-point versions, geometric Latte or simple Jo strip handles.

Kolekcja Mo-re

Mo-re collection


Personalization to the fore - the Mo-re collection

The personalized Mo-re collection offers two types of fronts - a plain front, with a through handle, and an edge-milled front for one- or two-point Twig handles in black, gold or chrome. The series comes in matte white and matte black, as well as in the Bodega shade of dark orange. Furniture design: Studio Politowicz.

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