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Bathroom furniture that can be freely combined with each other and combined with comfortable countertops and interesting washbasins

22 of December '20

Defra is a brand created by Deftrans - a leader in the bathroom and kitchen furniture industry. Currently, the team consists of more than 600 specialists and skilled workers who are passionately involved in creating products and implementing new technologies.

Defra products are distinguished by an elegant, simple design complemented by subtle and functional details. The nobility of the forms juxtaposed with high-quality components is a combination that will meet the expectations of those looking for durable and timeless solutions for years to come.

Kolekcja SENSO © DEFRA

SENSO collection


The brand's new offer includes modular collections, designed to adapt the bathroom to the needs of its users. Defra Compose is functional furniture that can be freely combined with each other, combined with open cubbies, comfortable countertops and interesting washbasins.

SENSO collection - warmed minimalism

Minimalist SENSO furniture will give uniqueness to any modern bathroom. A delicate, linear milling in the furniture hides the fronts of the internal drawers. Thanks to them, we will make maximum use of the space inside the furniture, and toiletries and cosmetics will always be within reach.

FLOU collection - an original bathroom

Functionality and unquestionable charm of this furniture collection are not all its advantages. Subdued colors, the possibility of combining several cabinets together, provide great opportunities to create a delightful interior. Streamlined shapes of handles harmoniously combine with furniture fronts, creating an unusual effect.

COMO collection - less is more

Less is more! This is also the case with this collection. Economy ofform, elegance and milled edges of fron ts - each of the elements plays a significant role in the appearance of the final solid. The COMO collection cannot be denied functionality either.

Stylish, yet economical finish will beautifully highlight minimalist and more domesticated interiors.

Kolekcja COMO © DEFRA

COMO collection


FONTE collection - Scandinavian simplicity

A characteristic feature of FONTE furniture are slatted handles in two colors, flush with the edge of the fronts, give the collection an absolutely unique character. The frugal Scandinavian design of the furniture makes it look great both in glossy or matte varnish colors, as well as in wood-like décor.

GRANADA collection - reliable symmetry

Railing handles in several colors, subtle colors of furniture and the ubiquitous geometry that comes to the fore. Regular shapes of solids bring a sense of peace and harmony to the bathroom. The subdued form of furniture from the GRANADA collection will appeal to lovers of classic arrangements, which rarely go out of fashion.

For more information, visit the company's DEFRA / DEFTRANS Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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