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Defra - bathroom furniture to combine into original compositions

03 of December '21

Defra is a private label created by Deftrans - the Polish market leader in the segment of bathroom furniture. For 25 years, the company has been constantly expanding its offer to meet the needs of users - it participates in trend-setting, introduces innovative technological solutions and relies exclusively on modern, high-quality components.

Out of the need to combine sophisticated design with extraordinary functionality, Defra created the Defra Compose line, which allows you to arrange any furniture composition from a wide range of available elements - cabinets, cubbies, countertops, washbasins and mirrors.

Freedom of configuration Defra Compose

Defra offers both ready-made furniture sets, such as the OP-ARTY collection, and modular collections from the Defra Compose line. Modular furniture is a rich selection of cabinets of different sizes and features. Each piece of furniture is an autonomous element that can be purchased individually or combined with the others into functional built-in units, so that we maximize the usable potential of a given space. A real revolution in this area will be the MO collection, announced in the first quarter of 2022, which, in addition to modular furniture, will introduce unprecedented possibilities, including fully modular handles and legs, as well as collections of mirrors and mirrored cabinets. This will allow full personalization of the look of bathroom furniture, making it truly personal.



© Defra

Enhanced usability

The wide range of available Defra furniture variants allows you to create a built-in that best suits your individual needs. Modular under-basin cabinets, which can be combined, will allow the installation of one or two furniture or countertop basins, respectively. Two types of Defra countertops are available - laminated, reinforced on the edges with PUR glue with high resistance to moisture, or Defra Minerals countertops made of durable HI-MACS® acrylic conglomerate. The high functionality of the furniture is also noteworthy. Cabinets from the MURCIA and FONTE modular collections, as well as the original OP-ARTY, are equipped with a practical DefraIn drawer organizer. The MURCIA and FONTE collection additionally offers an integrated laundry basket, which will keep the bathroom tidy and elegant.



© Defra

Exceptional design

Defra furniture also offers great opportunities for visual personalization. Each collection is characterized by its own unique design. The OP-ARTY line, inspired by the avant-garde, meets the needs of those who are looking for an original design. The fancy milling of the MURCIA collection will give subtlety and lightness to the interior, and the minimalist body of the FONTE furniture will complement modern arrangements. Such a rich variety of forms, colors and decors means that Defra furniture will make it possible to create a bathroom in any fashionable style.

Modułowa kolekcja MO

Modular collection MO

© Defra

Read more on the company's DEFRA / DEFTRANS Sp. z o.o. page on PdA.

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