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Uptrend bathroom ceramics - unique aesthetics in line with the latest trends

03 of December '21

Uptrend bathroom ceramics - unique aesthetics in line with the latest trends

Bathroom ceramics UPTREND CERAMICS TREND POLAND Sp. z o.o. are increasingly recognized by designers and architects due to their unique aesthetics in line with the latest trends, a wide range of colors and a variety of forms that style to fit any project. The brand, which has been present on the Polish market since 2019, provides products of the highest quality that will satisfy every customer.

Umywalka Hermosa
TR41288 oraz miska WC Caneo TR2196D

Hermosa TR41288 washbasin and Caneo TR2196D toilet bowl.



Uptrend ceramics are available in many markets in Europe, from 2019 also in Poland. The sales network is constantly expanding, so that the products of this manufacturer are readily available in bathroom showrooms throughout the country. We also work directly with interior design studios/designers/architects. We approach each project individually and are able to offer the best terms and support for you, which will certainly translate into your and the final customer's satisfaction.

Umywalka Corfu TR414
oraz miska WC Caneo TR2196D

Corfu TR414 washbasin and Caneo TR2196D toilet bowl.



The range of Uptrend washbasins is characterized by diversity in terms of design, size and installation options. The production of ceramics is carried out using state-of-the-art technologies and focusing on the highest quality and attention to the best finish. State-of-the-art solutions are used, such as the faucet-free technology and the special UP-CLEAN ceramic coating, which reduces the settlement of bacteria.

The collection of countertop washbasin models meets the expectations of all customers who appreciate modern design and are looking for unique ceramic colors. Noteworthy are the Arya and Cleo models, which, in addition to traditional white, also come in black, navy blue, gray or purple. Models with original, modern and organic shapes also stand out in this collection - including Marina, Hermosa and Venus washbasins.

Umywalka Hera TR41290
oraz miska WC Millagro TR2210

Marina washbasin TR41267 and Gravis toilet bowl TR2216.



Although Uptrend's catalog is dominated by washbasins, there are also various models of suspended toilet bowls, for which the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty. In their production, modern, faucetless technology is used, which makes it easier to keep them clean. It is worth noting the Gravis model, which with its rectangular shape will perfectly blend into the design of a modern bathroom. A special model is also a Milagro bowl produced with the use of a faucetless technology - its rounded shape gives gentleness to bolder, slightly extravagant interiors.

Umywalka Hera TR41290
oraz miska WC Millagro TR2210 PL:

Hera TR41290 washbasin and Millagro TR2210 toilet bowl.



Due to the variety of forms and styles of ceramics produced, Uptrend products will work well for both individual projects and larger projects. Thanks to the use of modern technologies in production and solutions that make it easier to maintain cleanliness, ceramics from this manufacturer are a great choice for bathrooms in apartments, houses, guesthouses or hotels. The ceramic coating used and the drip-free technology facilitate daily maintenance of cleanliness, thus helping to create a safe and bacteria-free space.

Umywalka UPTREND

UPTREND washbasin



The manufacturer is eager to cooperate with architects, so on its website it provides free 3D models of all products currently on sale. This makes it even easier to prepare a bathroom project using Uptrend products. We also encourage you to share the effects of your work with us. Photos from selected projects go on the website, along with a description and contact information for the designer. This is a great platform to promote your brand.


Uptrend, since its beginnings in Poland, has been a regular visitor to industry trade shows. On 27-30/10/2021, we presented a number of novelties at the Warsaw Home trade fair. Our booth was very popular, and meetings with designers will certainly result in better cooperation with you.

On27-30.01.2022 we invite you to the next trade fair event "4 Design Days" in Katowice, where you will be able to meet us in person and see new products.

We invite you today!

For more information, please visit the company page UPTREND CERAMICS TREND POLAND Sp. z o.o. on the PdA portal.

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