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Bruk-bet - producer of prestigious concrete products

19 of November '23

Bruk-Bet® is a manufacturer of prestigious concrete products offering a wide range of paving blocks and terrace slabs, with which you can easily design your dream terrace and functional driveway.

Kostka Prospect metalic color

Prospect paving blocks metallic color


The products of the Prestige series are characterized by exceptional design and usability properties. Thanks to a wide range of designs, Prestige products ensure the highest level of architectural creativity and enable the realization of diverse, complete and stylistically coherent design solutions around the house, garden and in urban spaces.

Laminated pavers

Prestige's exclusive paving is perfect for both elegant properties and those arranged in a modern or rustic style. Diverse sizes and thickness of paving blocks allow to use them as surfaces of garage driveways, garden paths or terrace development. They are characterized by the latest design, design and uniqueness on the market.

The PRESTIGE product group includes products with surfaces of the following types: Poleryt, Color-Mix®, Metalic Color, Microtec, Naturyt, Terazzo®, Rustical® and Teratec. All paving blocks and slabs in this series are protected against staining already during the production process with a special Lamino Perlon and Imprex Perlon system.

Stopnie schodowe Architect

Architect stair treads


Innovative Lamino® Perlon® protection key to clean surfaces

The innovative Lamino Perlon protection system involves coating the surface at the production stage with suitable modified resin agents with planned physical and functional properties. The main purpose of effective protection against dirt is to create an insulating layer that prevents the penetration of dirt into the structure of the concrete as well as the migration of efflorescence from the concrete to its surface. There is no formation of stains, both of food origin, after which stains are often difficult to remove, as well as others, resulting from daily use of the surface, such as stains of grease or oil or traces of stuck-on chewing gum.

FRONTON fences

FRONTON is a novelty on the fencing market, the most advanced solution in terms of modernity, design and ergonomics of construction. The elongated form of FRONTON 60x18x20 cm blocks provides them with an innovative design. It is a modular and complete masonry system, consisting of basic blocks, closed blocks and with edge profiling for mounting LED lighting strips.

The tongue-and-groove connection facilitates installation and ensures the stability of the development. All surfaces are homogeneous, without distortion of the so-called "technological suspenders", which provides them with excellent optics and resistance to cracking. FRONTON blocks have a guaranteed maximum dimensional deviation of up to 2 mm in height, ensuring speed and aesthetics of construction.

Ogrodzenie FRONTON i przęsla fotowoltaiczne

FRONTON fence and photovoltaic spans


Garden Harmony photovoltaic spans

An interesting product from the offer of Bruk-Bet are photovoltaic spans Garden Harm ony - a 2-in-1 solution, which is an element of the fencing system, and at the same time allows you to obtain clean and inexhaustible energy from the sun. The spans consist of modules that have a very high resistance to weather conditions, and are free from light-induced degradation. N-type cells and an active front and rear surface are responsible for their efficient operation.

Photovoltaics as part of the fence is a great alternative to traditional steel or aluminum spans, the price of which is comparable to high-performance and modern modules.

Płyty tarasowe REALIT

REALIT terrace panels


The terrace of your dreams

Bruk-Bet's extensive range of terrace slabs includes a new product group Poleryt, which includes terrace slabs from the MAESTRO, REALIT and ARCHITECT series.
After all, the terrace, being a connection between the house and the garden, should harmonize with both the building's surroundings and its design. With the help of new large-format terrace slabs from Bruk-Bet, the design of the home relaxation area becomes beautiful and functional.

The slabs have a finish from the Poleryt series which consists of diamond brushing treatment involving milling and surface polishing. As a result, the surfaces allow to obtain a delicate anti-slip texture, color enhancement and contrast, as well as resistance to dirt absorption. By calibrating the thickness, they are predisposed to all methods of installation, including laying on bases / supports.

Kostka ekologiczna UNI-ECO

UNI-ECO ecological paving blocks


Ecological and water-permeable pavers

With growing ecological awareness, new environmentally friendly solutions are appearing on the market. In the Bruk-Bet offer such a proposal are ecological paving blocks and slabs available in two product groups: HYDROfuga® and HYDROplus®. The first are openwork surfaces Novator® Hexagon Eco, Novator® Diagonal Eco, Novator® Linus Eco or Promenada® Eco, which provide the possibility of managing the free gaps between the pavement with aggregate, gravel or grass, which creates an interesting-looking and useful biologically active surface. As a result of such treatment, rainwater is drained much more efficiently, which relieves the pressure on the ecosystem.

HYDROplus®, in turn, are pavers and slabs, the surface of which shows water permeability of more than 700 liters/m2/h- even in very heavy downpours. This translates into a reduction in the formation of puddles or the elimination of phenomena associated with flooding of buildings. The existing group of solutions of this type in Bruk-Bet's offer has been expanded by the new Visio® Eco, Novator® Piano Eco, Holland Eco and Behaton® Eco paving blocks.

Płyty brukowe Novator City

Novator City paving slabs


Novator® City paving slabs

The formats, colors and type of finish of the new Novator® series slabs are a response to the ever-growing popularity of modernist style in architecture. We can easily achieve this effect by using large, geometric paving slabs from this series in the shape of timeless rectangles and squares ranging in size from 20x20 cm to large formats of 100x100 cm. Specially dedicated to urban construction, Novator® City paving slabs in 8, 12 and 16 cm thicknesses, depending on the size of the format, also allow for vehicular traffic of heavy technical and fire vehicles, thus providing almost unlimited design possibilities in private and urban spaces.

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