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HydroPlus permeable paving blocks – an eco-friendly solution for urban paving

07 of July '23

Outdoor spaces – trends 2023

Using paving blocks, you can create paved surfaces around houses and public buildings, you can build up squares and city squares — surfaces stylistically matching the character of the space and building masses. You can choose in sizes and colors, combine interesting finishes, making the space more attractive. However, as concrete areas become larger, there is a problem with proper drainage. Such areas will be beneficial neither for the investor nor for the environment. The rescue in this situation is water-permeable pavers.

Negative consequences

The fact that more and more compact, water-impermeable concrete slopes are appearing around public buildings and residential houses has negative consequences for everyone. A brick in the problem is also the intensification of development and the associated infrastructure, which is far from ecological. This increases the risk of flooding, especially during heavy rainfall, and destabilizes the ecosystem. Water, unable to penetrate the soil, ends up in drains and then in rivers, thus limiting valuable moisture resources, which are necessary for the functioning of not only fauna and flora, but also humans.

Pavement for the benefit of the environment

Choosing the right paving will maintain the proper level of groundwater, will not upset the balance of the environment, and will guarantee the natural circulation of water. The choice of water-permeable paving blocks will reduce the risk of flooding of the building and the occurrence of waterlogging, create better conditions for the development of plants, prevent the formation of puddles, and even reduce the cost of fees for reducing the natural retention of rainwater — the so-called rain tax. Wanting to further increase the level of retention, it is worth getting a rainwater tank, the task of which is to collect rainwater and allow its reuse in periods without rain.


NOVATOR® PIANO ECO paving blocks

© Bruk-Bet


HYDROPlus® pavers from Bruk-Bet, including Bruk-Bet VISIO® ECO or NOVATOR® PIANO ECO, are products made from a specially designed concrete mix, whose top and structural layers show high water permeability. The top layer has a rough and homogeneous surface with very good aesthetics. For open public areas, we also offer single-layer pavers. Their permeability is more than 700 liters of water per hour perm2, and in the case of BEHATON® Eco and HOLLAND ECO it is up to a maximum of 4,000 liters per hour perm2. The high permeability makes it possible to drain even very large paved areas. HYDROPlus® products meet the standard physical and mechanical parameters specified for paving blocks and slabs.

The use of HYDROPlus® pavers is particularly important in heavily urbanized areas with large concrete and asphalt surfaces. The use of pavements that allow water to pass through eliminates the problem of flooding or even complete flooding of streets and traffic routes, and minimizes the areas of rainwater runoff in urban areas, which goes into the sewer system.

Kostka Bruk-Bet VISIO® ECO

Bruk-Bet VISIO® ECO paving blocks

© Bruk-Bet

Combination of advantages

The ecological advantages of Bruk-Bet's HYDROPlus® pavers are one thing. Their important feature is also aesthetics, which does not deviate significantly from the trends! An example of this can be VISIO® ECO and NOVATOR® PIANO ECO products, whose geometric shapes built on the plan of squares and rectangles will become a fashionable crowning of modern styling. Modular elements of the systems give the possibility to create a variety of patterns, which will be a way to make surfaces more attractive — especially those modern and minimalist. The pavers are available in Color-Mix and Color finishes, which are easy to match with the facade of the building and the surrounding infrastructure.

BEHATON® ECO or HOLLAND ECO pavers will work well in classic settings and in typically industrial spaces, where the traffic load is considerable, and the pavement needs an acceptable load for trucks over 3.5 tons. Their specific shape guarantees the stability of the ground, which further expands their range of possibilities for creating slope surfaces. Their use will stabilize the space and reduce soil subsidence. However, the products have not only a practical purpose. The solutions are available in several color versions that can be combined with each other.

In order for a square, parking lot or sidewalks to fulfill their function, they must be made of the right materials. Ecological aspects are beginning to come to the fore, and Bruk-Bet HYDROPlus® water-permeable pavers will prove themselves in this role. This is a recipe for pavements that guarantee the maintenance of the correct hydrological balance and do not disturb the harmony of the environment.

For more information, visit the company's BRUK-BET Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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