Harmony around the house

If you want to achieve an interesting effect of arranging the surroundings of your home, you need to ensure unity of style, color scheme and finishing materials used. The easiest way to achieve this is by using products from companies that have a complementary offer. Terrace or paving slabs, stairs to the house, walls dividing the garden into zones, should harmonize with each other, be consistent in design.

Sidewalks, paths, driveway or alleys around the house are a necessity that determines the safety in winter, the convenience of movement in summer or spring and the absence of puddles and mud during the autumn spell. This is the dot over the "i" of any property, which organizes the space and protects vegetation from damage

Large format slabs for the driveway and more

Larger format slabs fit into the architectural landscape of modern construction. They correspond to the geometric shape of the building and are conducive to maintaining a minimalist atmosphere. However, their use is associated not only with issues of fashionable design, but also with functionality. Large tiles in the XL edition are the ideal material for a terrace, a sidewalk separating different parts of a plot or a driveway. They are distinguished, among other things, by good load resistance, and therefore are not afraid of cracks or damage caused by the movement of heavier vehicles.

A practical advantage of large-format panels is also ease of maintenance, which in the case of solutions from the Bruk-Bet range is ensured by the innovative surface protection system Perlon® Lamino®, used among others in panels from the Novator® Solo or Romalit series. It prevents the absorption of dirt, the penetration of various liquids (including grease and oil), as well as the appearance of lime efflorescence, algae and moss.




Paving blocks for sidewalks

Among the most popular solutions used for arranging areas around the house is also paving blocks, which, like slabs, is one of the most durable materials. However, before buying it, it is worth taking into account issues related to its purpose and adjusting the appropriate thickness. If it is to be a driveway on which cars up to 3.5 tons will drive, it should be 6 cm, like the Visio® or Prospect® proposals, or 8 cm in the case of Novator Piano or Largo slabs.

Terrace slabs for patios, walkways and boardwalks

Resistance to outdoor factors and practicality must also distinguish the workarounds around the house, sidewalks and patios. When planning these areas, consider patio slabs, which combine the qualities of utility with the aesthetics of natural materials. Although they are made of concrete, they look like real wood or stone.

Examples of this include the Travertine series, which reflects the beauty of the rock, or slabs in 120x100 cm size from the Planta line. Also in their favor are irregular indentations, as well as colors and performance parameters related to anti-slip. These rough surfaces will prevent unfortunate accidents and guarantee safety for all household members.

MAESTRO and REALIT slabs gain decorative properties thanks to the combination of fine and medium selected precious aggregates and innovative Poleryt surface treatment. The surfaces are vivid and contrasted by varying the colors of the aggregates used. As a result, homogeneous granular structures are obtained, referring in color to the good patterns of rustical, microtec, but with higher qualities of use and design. Slabs dedicated to home terraces and garden paths. The surface of the boards protected by Lamino Perlon protective coating. Available formats: 60x60 and 80x40 cm. Can be laid on terrace supports as a ventilated terrace.

Bloki schodowe

Stair blocks


Ready-made stair blocks: a modern material for entrance stairs

A very good material for stairs in front of the entrance to the house or at the terrace are stair blocks made of concrete. This is a very durable material, resistant to atmospheric factors, easy to keep clean. Stair blocks have a flat cuboid shape and a decoratively finished surface. It can be smooth, sanded or blasted having anti-slip properties, which is very important for outdoor stairs in public facilities.

The color choice of stair blocks is wide and depends on the way they are finished: Terazzo, Color-mix, Metallic color, Uni-split, Realit. Moreover, they are color-complementary to slabs and pavers, so they can be nicely composed with the rest of the paving around the house and building.

Płyty tarasowe REALIT

REALIT terrace tiles


Continental fences

Concrete blocks are durable and resistant to sun, UV rays, rain, snow, wind. They will retain a nice appearance for many years. They have a rich design and interesting colors, which makes it possible to match them to any house and different styles of architecture. You can choose between hollow blocks with a smooth surface from the Continental series or split Galant. Interspersed colors in earth tones and visible grains of coarse aggregate make the fence elements look like they are made of natural stone.

Concrete blocks and bricks can be used to erect solid walls or only the foundations of spans and posts. Wooden or metal elements of various styles can be used as fence fillings.


ROMALIT panels


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