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Dekton ultra-compact surfaces - ideal material for modern facades and elevations

08 of July '23

From the series "Facade and wall materials—trends 2023"

The ultra-compact Dekton from Cosentino is one of the few building materials that, in addition to its use as a kitchen and bathroom countertop, wall cladding, furniture, doors or flooring, is also used to create spectacular facades and elevations. The technical properties of this large-format surface and invisible edge joints mean that Dekton can precisely adapt to the complexity of a building. Not without significance in this case is also the large range of formats, shades and thicknesses of the panels, allowing the creation of very diverse compositions.

In modern construction, it is becoming increasingly important to emphasize the architectural qualities of the building. Thanks to the use of Dekton surfaces on the facades, modern buildings fit into the currently desired trend of minimalist geometry. However, this is not all. With their help, completely unexpected shapes of facades and elevations can be achieved.

Dekton na elewacji budynku w Cap Ferrat (Brazylia)

Dekton on the facade of a building in Cap Ferrat (Brazil)—proj.: Di Filippo Arquitectura

© Cosentino

Without a shadow of a doubt, the facade is the most distinctive element of a building, being the representative showcase of a house from the very entrance. One of the most spectacular materials for its finishing is now becoming quartz surfaces. The ultra-compact Dekton surface, produced by the Spanish company Cosentino, allows architects to create phenomenal designs, whether they are detached villas, residential, commercial or public use buildings, while providing adequate protection from moisture and extreme durability. Dekton sinter, in the form of extra-large, smooth facade panels, skillfully enhances the style and character of the front part of the property or the entire facade.

Dekton Aura na fasadzie budynku w Chicago

Dekton Aura on the facade of a building in Chicago

© Cosentino

Quartz sinters have fascinated architects for some time now with their aesthetics, unlimited design possibilities and wide range of colors and textures. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology developed by Cosentino, the particles of minerals, quartz and recycled glass from which Dekton is made—when exposed to 25,000 tons and 1,200 degrees Celsius—fuse together on a molecular level. This technology gives the material virtually zero porosity, ensuring its long-lasting beauty and making it extremely easy to clean. Even many years of exposure to the weather do not significantly affect the aesthetics of this type of surface and the sun, rain or frost do not alter its properties in any way. It is also a material from which it is very easy to remove graffiti.

Elewacja sklepu Gunni & Trentino w Madrycie

Facade of the Gunni & Trentino store in Madrid—proj.: Mendoza+Simal Architects

© Cosentino

Bonded and ventilated facades

Dekton is well suited for bonded facades and curtain walling. It is also a proven material for use on ventilated facades, which significantly improve the thermal insulation of the building. Thanks to the properties of ultra-compact sinter, it can be applied to both horizontal and vertical planes of a building. This allows it to protect the most critical points of the building and withstand the most adverse weather conditions, while adding clarity to the exterior design. Dekton offers a multitude of solutions in this regard.

Dom prywatny w Austrii

Private house in Austria—proj.: F2 Architekten ZT GmbH

© Cosentino

Large palette of shades

Also noteworthy is the variety of colors of these surfaces, allowing great design freedom. The material can also be used with the most complex technical requirements—numerous certifications allow them to be used together with many installation systems, both bonded and ventilated facades. Facades made of Dekton sinters can be designed in the full color palette of the portfolio, but modern production technology—for large-scale projects—also allows the creation of a custom-designed shade to match an individual project.

Powierzchnie ultrakompaktowe Dekton CASA 114

Dekton ultra-compact surfaces

© Cosentino

When working on a facade project, it's worth turning to the experts at Cosentino, the manufacturer of Dekton surfaces. In addition to product support, the specialists will, above all, provide advice on proven installation systems for this type of structure.

For more information, visit the company's Cosentino Poland sp. z o.o. | DEKTON page on the Products for Architects portal.

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