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Complete interiors, or conscious design and living

22 of December '23

From the series Interior Design Trends 2024

Good design is one that matches the changing market, the needs of customers and the challenges the world faces. It is a design that is clever, but also allows you to play with color and form. We live in times of contrasts on the one hand we design suburban residences, on the other we face the arrangement of micro studios. We confront accelerated consumerism with the principle of less is more. We can choose from hundreds of similar products on the market, and at the same time we want to keep the welfare of our planet in mind. Is it possible to reconcile the two? Is it even possible to meet the same needs of residents on 400 and 25 sq. m.? How not to produce garbage, how to reduce unnecessary purchases?

Versailles Ivory bathroom

Bathroom, Silestone Versailles Ivory material

© Cosentino

Choosing wisely means thinking comprehensively

The vision of complex interiors and spaces involves innovation in design, creating a personalized atmosphere by choosing the right colors and selecting the right, durable and proven materials.

Living in a fast-paced world, overstimulated and distracted, we can make home an oasis of calm, a respite from the onslaught of outside information, a cohesive space that allows us to quiet our thoughts. It is the complex interiors that are the answer to this. Beautiful, modern, sometimes surprising, but subdued and without unnecessary additions at the same time. Functional, but not to overly pragmatic, still giving pleasure to the eyes and respite to the soul.

Kitchen Dekton TK06 Maromorio

Kitchen, material Dekton TK06 Maromorio

© Cosentino

Into this trend is the concept of The Bathelier, created by five design offices commissioned by Cosentino, a manufacturer of stone and mineral surfaces for use in architecture. It's a vision of a complete space that gives interiors a new perspective. It is the experience of designing a bathroom that is individually tailored, a personal space where one can find peace and well-being, a bathroom in which one wants to live. However, this vision can be applied to any type of interior, not just the bathroom. For just as this one is not just for our daily hygiene, but nevertheless we seek a bit of relaxation in it, the kitchen is a place for preparing meals, but also for meeting with loved ones.

Claudia Sawaru

Bathroom designed by Claudia Sawaru, countertop and sink - material Dekton

© Cosentino

A visually appealing space is no longer enough to satisfy people. Their needs and behaviors are key to creating an engaging and holistic experience and, more importantly, for their well-being this is how this vision is presented by Daniel Germani, as one of the creators of The Bathelier's vision of a complete bathroom.

Complete interiors are characterized by simplicity of form, minimalism, colors and textures in perfect balance. Imagine a balanced continuation of colors on the walls and floor, but also cabinet fronts, or the sink and shower tray. Exclusive, good quality, durable materials are like art, combining with functionality.

Daniel Germani

Bathroom designed by Daniel Germani, wall and floor cladding and shower tray - Dekton material.

© Cosentino

Utility and conscious choice of materials

The ideal bathroom is a sanctuary of wellness, where the body and mind are cleansed and nourished. Away from the hustle and distractions of the world around us, it offers a moment to immerse oneself in healing sounds, aromas and textures  says Colin Seah, founder of the Singapore-based Ministry of Design (MOD) studio.

It was Colin Seah, among others, who designed the Spanish company Cosentino's materials-based concept for the perfect bathroom. It features multi-format wall and floor coverings characterized not only by original, natural stone-inspired patterns, but also minimal joints to achieve flowing, unique spaces. It's also minimalist washbasins and shower trays, carefully designed with great attention to detail and simplicity. These are versatile solutions with high aesthetic and functional value to transform the bathroom into a complete experience of well-being and visual comfort.

Collin Seah

Bathroom designed by Collina Seah, wall cladding - Dekton material

© Cosentino

All manufactured from state-of-the-art mineral materials such as Silestone®, Dekton® and the unique natural Sensa stone.

Completely meaning also with the environment in mind

Nowadays it's a topic we can't be indifferent to. Both on the part of the designer, who has an influence on the creation of the interior, and the investor, to whom the final decision belongs, a conscious choice of products is an expression of concern for the welfare of the environment. Therefore, it is worthwhile at this important moment to reach for materials distinguished by durability, because these will simply serve longer, whose production process and composition leaves the smallest possible footprint on the planet.

Pietra Kode

Kitchen, countertops, floor coverings - material Dekton Pietra Kode

© Cosentino

For conscious consumers looking for flooring, wall cladding or durable materials for kitchen countertops and tables, or even facades or exterior elements, Cosentino products should be the intuitive choice. Both the ultra-compact Dekton mineral surface and the hybrid Silestone mineral surface are created using a super-modern manufacturing process from recycled minerals and materials. The products are created using only renewable energy and 99% recycled water, and Dekton is the only one in the industry to be classified as carbon neutral throughout its life cycle.

For more information, visit the company's Cosentino Poland sp. z o.o. | DEKTON page on the A&B portal.

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