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The perfect bathroom? Cosentino suggests what it should look like

30 of November '23

The perfect bathroom - we suggest what it should be like

The bathroom is a room that plays a huge role in every home. Its function is changing - from a space used for daily hygiene it is becoming a place of relaxation, a small home spa. That's why it requires properly selected finishing materials that, in addition to durability and aesthetics, also meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety. When designing this room, it is worth considering surfaces that will ensure not only easy cleaning, but can cope with high humidity and daily, long-term use. This is where cladding such as Silestone or Dekton from Cosentino are leading the way. Surfaces created in the spirit of sustainability feature the best design. They offer architects and interior designers even better physical and mechanical properties, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms.

Ultra-compact quartz and mineral surfaces were once virtually unknown. They have gained popularity due to their above-average performance characteristics, wide application possibilities, durability and ease of cleaning. Inspired by natural stone, they are its more durable substitute, produced with respect for the natural environment. Because the quartz production process is controlled, the ultra-compact surfaces offered by Cosentino are among the most functional materials that can be used for shower trays or sinks, as well as countertops, wall cladding, bathroom furniture and floors in today's bathrooms.

Dekton Bathroom - Eter A 

Dekton Bathroom - Ether A

© Cosentino

Hygiene, moisture and stain resistance - leading features of Cosentino surfaces.

Choosing the right material for a bathroom is a decision that requires strict adherence to hygiene and safety standards. Here the superiority of surfaces from the Spanish company Cosentino is perfectly evident. Why? Because materials such as Silestone and Sensa are characterized by a uniform structure, completely free of pores and micro-cracks, do not absorb water and are resistant to stains, mold and bacteria. Thanks to their unique composition, they are resistant to the effects of cosmetics, as well as chemicals used for cleaning the bathroom, scratches and daily use. The main advantage of Cosentino surfaces, designed for bathroom spaces, is their aesthetic appearance, close to three-dimensional, which makes them look very modern and elegant.

Installers often find it easier to deal with Dekton and Silestone installations, as both materials are very predictable in processing. Bathroom finishes based on these surfaces, which are well known to Polish architects, are also a much more eco-friendly choice than granite, marble or other natural stones. Among other things, Cosentino products are made from natural raw materials that are a byproduct of other manufacturing or mining processes, as well as recycled materials.

COLLIN SEAH THE COLLAGE Projekt Claudii Ahshar z okładzinami Cosentino

COLLIN SEAH THE COLLAGE/Design by Claudia Ahshar with Cosentino cladding.

© Cosentino

C-Bath and The Bathelier

After decades of being a benchmark in the kitchen sector, Cosentino is showing us its ambitious undertaking of a comprehensive approach to reimagining bathroom spaces, both in private and public projects. As it has been doing since its inception, the Spanish company is going beyond its usual product portfolio and, with C-Bath, is offering a comprehensive vision of the bathroom, based on materials produced in the company's vitally important respect for sustainability. Cosentino 's latest C-Bath concept features enticing designs and complete bath room arrangements. With their help, ingenious ideas for cladding, flooring, countertops, shower trays, sinks and bathroom furniture have been created. The C-Bath concept has also expanded to include The Bathelier series, a range of exclusive premium bathroom realizations created by prominent designers and architects from around the world.

Given the plethora of options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which surface, thickness and texture to select. Cosentino 's specialists will be happy to help you choose the perfect finish and point you to a company that will process the materials, adjusting them to the dimensions of your bathroom. Both Silestone and Dekton can prove to be a great design decision when it comes to creating a bathroom room that will provide superior style and a sleek, contemporary look for years to come.

REMY MEIJERS dla Cosentino

REMY MEIJERS for Cosentino

© Cosentino

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