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Let's make space for design in public spaces. Garden-inspired urban furniture

12 of July '23

Outdoor spaces – trends 2023

Is a park a place for an armchair and a deckchair? Can there also be a table next to the benches in the market? Can the lightness we know from gardens be transferred to the streets? Czech company Egoé has an answer to this specific products.

Whether you are waiting for a train at the station or spending your leisure time in the garden

Sit down. Egoé has been encouraging people to do just that for nearly 30 years. It builds train stations, where it supplies its own railroad urban furniture. Later it starts producing outdoor furniture. It takes the best of both environments. The solidity and moderation of the platform and the comfort and lightness of gardens and terraces. The result is collections tailored to public spaces.

What are the possibilities? Outside feels like home

A linear arrangement in the form of benches that replicate the shape of a path through the park? And between them, trash garbage cans? Why not? However, there are other options. Playing with the space and adding features. The possibility of sitting across from each other at a round table and playing chess. A picnic area with a grill a little further away. Reading a book while reclining. Everything can be organized - just let yourself be inspired.

Seria Barka

Barka series

© Egoé


A collection with a unique shape referring to the silhouettes of ships. The Barka series consists of a fleet of pieces - armchairs, tables, benches. With or without armrests and backrests. Identical width of individual elements allows to create unique resting places.

Ławki Cora

Cora benches

© Egoé


Universal product. Purpose and ergonomics come first, and the design is timeless. Thanks to the choice of colors and materials of the seat and back, it adapts much more easily to its environment and function. Available in solid wood, mesh or high-pressure laminate.

Kolekcja mebli miejskich Winkl

Winkl urban furniture collection

© Egoé


A line of urban furniture developed for the specific environment of transportation buildings. With a properly sized design and durable materials, it can withstand harsh conditions. The Winkl collection includes single-sided and double-sided benches, armrests and windscreens.

Meble miejskie Draha

Draha Urban Furniture

© Egoé


A collection of urban furniture designed specifically for the railroad environment. The design requirements were clear the shape must not compete with the surrounding architecture, and the materials used must be as resistant to aging and vandalism as possible.

Kosz Flash

Flash basket

© Egoé


A clean, uncluttered front surface. Subdued exterior outline without sharp edges. A choice of versions with a subtle canopy. Everything is right here from the start. Introducing the Flash steel trash garbage can. The bin is available in a simple design for mixed municipal waste, but variants for sorting are also available in combinations of up to four bins.

Modułowy system Leva, teraz także ze stojakami na rowery

Leva modular system, now also with bike racks

© Egoé

Outdoor under the roof

We had an ambition to recreate the atmosphere of a garden, and that's how we gave birth to products that can enclose everything under one roof  the Leva modular cube system. It is a simple modular system that allows you to give your ideas precise form and function. The career of Leva cubes began in private gardens. Gradually, as a solution for spending time comfortably outdoors, it also found its way to corporate terraces, and then to schools, public parks or gas stations. New to the Leva collection are elements of bicycle infrastructure.

Wiata przystankowa Traxo

Traxo bus shelter

© Egoé


Clean shape, uncluttered design, non-intrusive color scheme. The Traxo bus shelter fits into any environment. Traxo is characterized by the location of the supporting columns in the rear wall. This allows you to choose a variant without side walls an ideal solution for limited spaces. Traxo has an integrated bench. The shelter can be equipped with up to three trash garbage cans and side walls. Passenger comfort is enhanced by the significant extension of the roof at the front of the shelter.

For more information, visit the company's Egoé life s.r.o. page on the PdA portal.

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