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Get to know each other. Leva

27 of April '20

A bunker in the woods, a gnome hut, or a tree house. A tent. We want to be outside, but at the same time hidden - both you and us. And we, in addition, are designers and manufacturers, thus. Meet our Leva. As the most thoughtfully designed bunker prototype, Leva gives you plenty of variations to choose from. It is a modular system consisting of a basic cube and accessories.

In your own garden or terrace, you can use it to create a playroom for children equipped with a climbing wall or a blackboard for drawing.

Or a garden sofa for the whole family: using a suspended bed, which, of course, like the rest of Leva's textile accessories, is designed for outdoor use and is therefore highly durable.

Leva is also a kind of pergola that can be used for outdoor parties and barbecues. In this case, you will definitely appreciate the Leva folding table, which is stable enough that you can even calmly break meat into chops on it. Or pots with a drainage system. When cooking outdoors, you can have fresh herbs literally at hand. By attaching two or three Leva cubes to the basic one, you can add a dining area, for example. Complemented with a shade canopy, the Leva offers all its benefits for the price of a garden umbrella, plus you don't have to protect it from the wind.

Companies are beginning to discover the beauty and benefits of an open-air office. Możliwość zmiany środowiska podczas pracy i pobyt na świeżym powietrzu zwiększają produktywność i poczucie zadowolenia. Fold-out work surfaces, the most varied types of space division, as well as roofing and flooring options all make Leva a system that can be used to create an office literally anywhere. Leva will also handle unusual projects. The offer is so wide that with add-ons there is something for everyone. Besides, we are designers all the time, so we will develop new elements for Leva at your request.

Leva as a playground, Leva as a relaxation area, Leva as a pergola, kitchen, dining room, office. How about Leva as an exhibition space? Last year we tried this solution in Ostrava and it worked perfectly. In the future, you can also expect Leva - a movie theater, Leva with a lamella roof or wooden walls, with a wall of climbing plants, with a sandbox and much more.

Features and advantages of Levy

Leva is easy to assemble, stable and mostly does not need to be fixed to the ground. It is made of highly durable materials: the support beams are made of larch or acacia wood, the joints are made of zinc-coated and powder-coated steel, the fabric and netting, like the plywood, are designed for outdoor use and are very easy to maintain.

Leva is minimalist. It is light, airy and functional.

Design by Luděk del Maschio + studio519

All information about Leva can be obtained at the new Egoé showroom in Mazancowice. Other products of the brand can also be viewed and tried there.

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