Leva modular system

26 of February '23

The Leva modular system offers endless possibilities - it's the inside out. Four perpendicular lines that define your personal space. Add more cubes and your space gets bigger. It's up to you to decide how you want to combine them. Leva as a playground, Leva as a relaxation area, Leva as a pergola, kitchen, dining room, office. How about Leva as an exhibition space?


Leva cubes are suitable for many spaces, just choose the right collection. For the terrace, backyard or garden, choose Leva Home. An open-air office or a school classroom you can create with Leva Office/School cubes. The answer to your needs and inspiration for public spaces is Leva Public.


The Leva modular system consists of basic cube modules and accessories. The modules create an outdoor space open on all sides for rest and carefree relaxation. Leva is minimalist. It is light, airy and functional. Leva modules and accessories can be combined with Egoé garden furniture or with other accessories, such as: cushions, seating bags and many others.


Features and benefits of Leva

Leva is easy to assemble, stable and mostly does not need to be fixed to the ground. It is made of highly durable materials: the support beams are made of larch or acacia wood, the joints are made of zinc-coated and powder-coated steel, the fabric and netting, like the plywood, are designed for outdoor use and are very easy to maintain.

Design by Luděk del Maschio + studio519

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