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Egoe designer and durable urban furniture

01 of October '23

Let's give back public space to design -.
garden-inspired urban furniture

They must prove themselves in a demanding environment. They do not compete with the surrounding architecture. They are perfectly ergonomic. Urban furniture must meet all these conditions. Czech company Egoé adds to this list even more lightness inspired by solutions for home gardens.

Kolekcja Barka łącząca drewno i metal

Barka collection combining wood and metal


Waiting at the station, leisure time in the garden

Sit down. Egoé has been encouraging people to do just that for nearly 30 years. It started with building train stations, to which Egoé supplied its own urban furniture for use on the railroad. Laterit expanded production to include outdoor furniture. It used the best of both environments. The solidity and moderation of a typical platform and the comfort and lightness of gardens and terraces. The result was collections adapted to public spaces.

Kolekcja Cora charakteryzuje się surowością formy

The Cora collection is characterized by austerity of form



Cora benches are available in all-metal or with wooden elements. Their design is streamlined and timeless, with purpose and ergonomics coming to the fore. A single-seater bench is also available. The planks are made of solid wood, alternatively, tropical or thermalized wood can be used.

Barka w całości wykonana z metalu

The barge is made entirely of metal



A collection with a unique shape referring to the silhouettes of ships. The Barge series consists of a fleet of pieces - chairs, stools, benches. With or without armrests. The equal width of the individual elements allows you to create unique resting places.

System Leva jako przystanek na stacji benzynowej

Leva system as a stop at a gas station



Leva's modular cube system is ready for many challenges, one of which is creating a rest area in a public space. Awarded in the respected Red Dot Design competition, the structure is anchored with ground screws. The base measures 2165×2165 mm, and the height is 2200 mm. Inside, there is an integrated table and two benches, and the walls can be configured as desired - from a slatted pergola to pots to a climbing wall. There is also an option with bicycle parking.

Uniwersalna wiata przystankowa Traxo

Traxo multipurpose bus shelter



Clean shape, subdued design, non-intrusive color scheme. This is the Traxo bus shelter. Its distinguishing feature is the location of the supporting columns in the rear wall. Thanks to this, you can order a variant without side walls - which is an ideal choice for limited spaces. The structure of the shed is steel, the walls are made of tempered glass, and the roof is made of safety glass.

Okrągłe siedzisko z kolekcji Barka

Round seat from the Barka collection


Maximum durability

Urban furniture from Egoé, which has 30 years of experience in design and production, is characterized by a distinctive but non-invasive shape and maximum durability. They have comprehensive corrosion protection, consisting of a layer of zinc and powder coating. Thermalized wood with properties similar to those of tropical wood was used for the production of wooden elements.

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