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Terrace in the garden and on the roof of a high-rise building

01 of October '23

Terrace like a second home

We believe that a terrace is like a second home, which is why we know exactly how to make this space comfortable, safe and enjoyable. For architects who want to provide clients with sophisticated terrace spaces, Tarasola is the key to success.

Przedłużenie salonu – Tarasola Technic New

Living room extension - Tarasola Technic New


A terrace canopy that offers many possibilities

Tarasola provides architects and designers with ready-made solutions that not only streamline the process of arranging the outdoor environment, but above all turn an ordinary terrace into a unique place. Our portfolio includes 12 models with several types of roof: openable (fabric or lamella) and fixed; possible to arrange in free-standing, wall-mounted or between-wall options.

Theautomatic roof of the terraces allows you to control the sunshine level of the terrace, protects against rain, at night you can enjoy the starry sky. Additional accessories - a system of glazing, shutters or ZIP blinds - extend the "terrace season" by shielding from wind and cold. Such diversity ensures that the product is tailored to the customer's design, technical and functional requirements.

Taras sercem domu i ogrodu – Tarasola Technic New

Terrace the heart of the house and garden - Tarasola Technic New


Sky is the limit

Tarasola brand terrace canopies fit perfectly into various architectural styles - they work well in both classic and modern styles; in residential, office or typically commercial buildings such as hotels, apartment buildings, restaurants. A wide range of colors allows you to compose the color scheme of the terraces with the surroundings, such as the facade, window joinery or other elements. This, combined with more than 20 years of experience as a pioneer in the industry of terrace roofing, makes us capable of carrying out even the most complex and unobvious realizations.

Tarasola Technic – dach biurowca Orion

Tarasola Technic - the roof of the Orion office building


Tarasola in the garden and on the roof of a high-rise building

We realize the most daring visions of our clients. Our terraces fulfill various functions and prove themselves in seemingly unusual places: you can use them to cover a backyard terrace, arrange a year-round restaurant garden, cover a swimming pool on the roof of an apartment building, and even organize an elegant lounge area on the roof of an office building.

Stylowa ochrona auta – Tarasola Carport

Stylish car protection - Tarasola Carport


New product in the Tarasola family - Carport

Tarasola Carport is an innovative garage canopy designed to protect your car from the weather, which also offers a number of other benefits: first of all, it is aesthetically pleasing, designer and blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The fixed roof allows the installation of photovoltaic panels, making the Carport additionally a mini solar power plant. This type of roofing works well as an alternative to a backyard garage, but also as a covered parking area at public facilities.

Nowoczesna alternatywa garażu – Tarasola Carport

A modern alternative to a garage - Tarasola Carport



We encourage you to contact a dedicated architect's supervisor to work together to create a space that will be an integral part of the entire project.

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