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Tarasola Carport - modern carport with photovoltaic panels

12 of May '23

From the series "Eco-friendly solutions and technologies—trends 2023"

Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to effectively take care of protecting your car from the sun, rain, wind and snow? At the same time it will fit perfectly into the environment, due to its minimalist form, modern design? Tarasola designers have created such a product. Tarasola Carport, which is a fixed canopy that gives you the opportunity to install photovoltaic panels and use the resulting electricity, to power household appliances or to charge an electric car.

Tarasola Carport - panele i zabudowa boczna shutters

Tarasola Carport—panels and shutters side development

© Tarasola

New Tarasola Carport

This is a modern carport, the structure of which, both legs and frame, was manufactured from durable aluminum profiles. When designing the roof, elements of trapezoidal sheet metal were used. Thanks to this combination, a solid and permanent canopy was created, which provides effective protection of the car from the weather. The product shows resistance to wind up to 120 km/h and resistance to snow load of 72-300 kg/m2. The minimalist form of the structure, with no visible fastening elements, in various color variants, looks extremely aesthetically pleasing.

© Tarasola

An alternative to a traditional garage—without building permits

Theconstruction of a carport does not require a building permit, its production takes a maximum of a few weeks, and the installation itself can close even in 1 day.

Tarasola Carports are available in 2 module options:

  • for 1 vehicle (with maximum dimensions of 400 × 590 cm),
  • for 2 vehicles (with maximum dimensions of 600 × 590 cm).

Wanting to create larger garage areas in parking lots at office buildings or public facilities, it is enough to connect several modules together.

Tarasola Carport, ładowarka i ładowanie samochodu

Tarasola Carport, charger and charging of the car

© Tarasola

Ecological solution—option with photovoltaic panels

A fixed canopy also gives you the option of installing photovoltaic panels. This is a solution that is part of the current trend of ecological and energy-saving technologies in construction. By making the shed a small solar power plant, you save on bills, as the electricity produced can be used to power household appliances or to charge an electric car.

Thephotovoltaic panels, which have their own fixed dimensions, set a certain framework, but the trapezoidal sheet roof underneath them can be adjusted in dimensions to suit the investor's needs. A JUICEBOX PRO car charger can be purchased with the photovoltaic panels. It is available in a power level of 22 kW, 32A, with a 3-phase Demand Limitation Pro function that allows charging at the maximum available power without exceeding it.

Dwa stanowiska i panele fotowoltaiczne na dachu

Two stations and photovoltaic panels on the roof

© Tarasola

A stylish and functional space, thanks to additional elements from the kit

The Tarasola Carport can be enhanced with additional accessories and finishing touches. Ordering a fabric bottom roof will further improve its aesthetics. This will cover the sheet metal visible from below. What's more, the underside of the roof, made of aesthetically pleasing fabric with beams, also allows the installation of LED Strip lighting. This solution, in turn, improves the functionality of the carport.

Tarasola Carport, oświetlenie

Tarasola Carport, lighting

© Tarasola

The TarasolaCarport can also be complemented with a stylish side development, which will become a real „icing on the cake” of the arrangement of your home's outdoor space. Other unconventional and more stylish decorative elements, combining design and full functionality, are sliding shutters shutters, ZIP blinds, or elegant glazing. Thanks to them, the car will be further protected from the weather (sun, wind, rain, hail and even snow).

Tarasola Carport i oświetlenie

Tarasola Carport and lighting

© Tarasola

Particularly noteworthy are the aesthetically pleasing and functional Shutters sliding panels, which are a zonal shield from the sun, wind, rain. They are fully aluminum, so they require no special maintenance and will last for many years. They can be painted with woodgrain varnish, thus gaining a timeless look. A non-sliding wall with vertical slats available from Tarasola Carport also looks modern.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Producenci} page on the PdA portal.

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