Modern and automatic terrace canopies. Design your dream terrace roof!

Modern and aesthetically pleasing - personalized canopies with Tarasola configurator for large and small architecture

From the beginning when man chose a sedentary lifestyle, he decided to decorate his surroundings. Originally, these were scenes from life, so that over time they began to record the world around people. It is fascinating to follow the evolution of man's "roof over his head" over the centuries. Changes in aesthetics, needs, design possibilities, which time and again crossed seemingly impassable boundaries. But once our house was built, we began to wonder... what would be around it.

Around the house - over the centuries....

The result of development and human ingenuity was the establishment of gardens of the French, English type. Temporary structures were also created, which were places to rest and meet during the summer heat. The pinnacle of the power of this type of structure was the Grand Salon, created in the Saxon Garden, in the middle of the 18th century, with almost gigantic dimensions, 21 meters high and 300 m² in area.

i automatyczne zadaszenia tarasowe Tarasola Nowoczesne i automatyczne
zadaszenia tarasowe Tarasola

Modern and automatic terrace canopies from Tarasola


...and today

Times are changing, the areas around houses are shrinking, due to rising land prices, but also restrictions on the development of assumptions in urban development plans. This forces investors to look for other more modern solutions that will meet their expectations, and give designers a product that in their hands will be "malleable", that is, will have all the qualities to facilitate design and incorporation into the project, as well as aesthetic qualities and quality workmanship.

It is worth mentioning the possibilities of integration with smart home systems. These are solutions that will automatically respond to weather variations. Rain, wind sensors are elements that will allow hosts to receive guests stress-free, as well as not to worry about what might happen during a downpour or gale. The design will be the result of your needs.

i automatyczne zadaszenia tarasowe Tarasola

design your dream terraces with the configurator


Personalize your roofing - Tarasola configurator

The modularity of automatic canopies creates an additional advantage in planning the size of the structure. Tarasol's configurator is a tool that will make it easier for customers to choose a canopy, select equipment elements and allow you to visualize the selected structure. The color scheme of the structure is based on the RAL palette, but there are possibilities for individual choices outside the basic palette. The canopies have an automatic roof of the lamella (bioclimatic) or fabric type, with excellent strength and protective parameters.

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i zaprojektowane przez siebie automatyczne zadaszenia tarasowe

Dream and design your own automatic terrace canopies


All necessary information for architects is available in the tab on the company website and through specialized advisors. It is worth mentioning and emphasizing that Tarasola's canopies are also perfect for high-rise and multi-family buildings.

For more information, visit the company's Tarasola page on the PdD portal.