Terrace roofing, under which you will feel at home

We want the terrace to be a gathering place, like a second home - comfortable, safe and pleasant, regardless of the season. When we design a terrace, we design the best moments spent on the terrace with family, friends and loved ones. We design a space where memories are born for years to come.

Tarasola Light z otwieranym, tkaninowym dachem

Terraceola Light with opening fabric roof


Open up the space

Tarasola is an openable canopy and terrace enclosure. In the closed position it protects from rain, wind, cold. In the open position, it lets as much sun or pleasant wind onto the terrace as you want. One press of the remote control and the roof opens, revealing the sky, the stars at night. One hand movement and the glass panels or shutters move. You are close to nature, yet in an almost home-like environment.

Tarasola Elegancy z otwieranym, tkaninowym dachem i oświetleniem LED

Terasola Elegancy with opening fabric roof and LED lighting.


Protect what is precious

A sheltered terrace provides your loved ones with a cozy environment and protects your furniture and accessories. Has the weather ever spoiled your plans to spend time on the terrace or in the garden, forced you to cancel or move a party planned outdoors? With terraces, the aura ceases to matter so much. You can confidently plan a party without checking the weather, because every day promises to be good.

Tarasola Technic z otwieranym, lamelowym dachem i przeszkleniami

Technic terraces with an open, slatted roof and glazing


Bring life to the terrace

Tarasola, is not just a canopy, but an entire built-in system, which, equipped with accessories, becomes like a second home. The side walls can be built up with glass, roller blinds or functional and beautiful wood-colored shutters. This way you will adjust the conditions, shield the part you care about. You will cover yourself from the sight of neighbors, create a barrier for insects.

Tarasola Technic Pro ze zintegrowaną roletą ZIP, przeszkleniami, shuttersami i oświetleniem LED RGB

Terasola Technic Pro with integrated ZIP roller blind, glazing, shutters and RGB LED lighting.


The lighting combined with music from the speakers will create a unique mood after dark. Radiant heaters will warm you up on cold days, and weather sensors will respond even when you're not around. With a smartphone app, you can create scenarios and customize your terrace with one click.

Tarasola Technic z shuttersami, roletą ZIP i przeszkleniami

Terrace Technic with shutters, ZIP blind and glazing


Tailor-made terraceola

The possibilities offered by tarasola make it easy for even the most demanding user to create their dream terrace. A wide choice of colors of the structure, fabrics of the canopies or blinds makes it possible to design not only a functional, but also a beautiful place that fits in with the style of the house and garden. Once your dream terasola is standing in the garden, you will have nothing left to do but enjoy your new second home in the company of your loved ones.

Tarasola Cubic z otwieranym, tkaninowym dachem, shuttersami oraz oświetleniem LED

Cubic Terraceola with opening fabric roof, shutters and LED lighting


For more information, visit the company's Tarasola page on PdD.