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Tarasola is like a convertible

05 of December '22

Openable patio canopies - complete the space

We want the terrace to be a meeting place, like a second home - comfortable, safe and pleasant, regardless of the season. Bet on terraces so that your customer spends his best moments on the terrace with family, friends and loved ones. Provide him with a space where memories are born for years to come.

Complete the space

The designs of modern houses, offices, hotels or restaurants, often do not take into account what is to be located above the terrace. The investor, only at the stage of construction, or already after its completion, begins to think about how to roof and enclose the terrace. Complete this space already at the stage of the building project, so that the whole is consistent, aesthetically pleasing and does not require starting new construction, right after the beautiful area is put into use.

Tarasola Elegancy z oświetleniem LED

Tarasola Elegancy with LED lighting


Tarasola is like a convertible

Tarasolais an openable canopy and terrace enclosure. In the closed position it protects from rain, wind, cold. In the open position it lets as many rays of sunshine or pleasant wind onto the terrace as you need at the moment. One press of the remote control and the roof opens, revealing the sky, the stars at night. One hand movement, and the glass panels or shutters move. The terasola provides proximity to nature, while creating a cozy and safe zone on the terrace.

Tarasola Cubic z otwieranym, tkaninowym dachem, shuttersami oraz oświetleniem LED

Cubic terasola with opening fabric roof, shutters and LED lighting


10 original models

In our portfolio we have 10 models of canopies. Lamellar (with a roof of rotating panels, on a similar principle to blinds), fabric with a sliding roof, flat and pitch, wall-mounted and in the form of free-standing pavilions. Most models have the option of full wall glazing, automatic blinds, or beautiful and functional shutters. An enclosed terraceola and equipped with lighting or radiant heaters allows you to use the terrace at any time of day or even year. The HoReCa industry can use such a garden for 365 days and make concrete profits from it.

Tarasola Technic z przeszkleniami oraz oświetleniem LED RGB. Galeria Promenada, Świnoujście

Tarasola Technic with glazing and RGB LED lighting. Promenada Gallery, Swinoujscie


Few can boast such experience in terrace development as Tarasola. We were pioneers in Poland and for more than 20 years we have been gaining experience that allows us to realize the most complicated projects. We put terraces wherever the customer wishes: on a terrace, courtyard, garden, on the roof of a skyscraper, or even on the 46th floor of a building.

Tarasola Technic Pro z shuttersami oraz zintegrowaną roletą ZIP

Tarasola Technic Pro with shutters and integrated ZIP roller shutter


Tarasola is open... to cooperation

A wide selection of models, colors of construction, fabrics and accessories ensures a product that you will match the mass of the building, the functional and aesthetic requirements of the investor, or the recommendations of the conservator. We provide a library of all our models in the form of 3D files to be entered into the project, as well as technical and marketing materials. A dedicated architect's supervisor is always available to help and answer any questions.

Tarasola Technic, 13 konstrukcji na 46 piętrze. Skyfall Warsaw, Warsaw Unit

Tarasola Technic, 13 structures on the 46th floor. Skyfall Warsaw, Warsaw Unit


If you want to provide a developer with a beautiful and functional terrace, get in touch and let's talk about cooperation.

For more information, visit the company's Tarasola page on PdA.

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