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Modern sanitary technologies SCHELL - quality and economy

18 of June '24

from the series "Ecological Solutions - Trends 2024"

In an era of rising water and energy costs, technologies that make it possible to reduce their consumption without compromising on comfort, hygiene or durability are becoming increasingly popular. SCHELL 's high-quality, energy-efficient electronic faucets not only reduce water consumption by up to 70%, but can also be combined with an intelligent building water management system, opening up entirely new possibilities. The company's extensive portfolio is complemented by self-closing faucets and control valves made of high-quality brass that have been proven in hundreds of millions of applications.

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SCHELL PURIS SC self-closing faucet

© Schell

Infrared-controlled fixtures can be found today in both public and residential buildings, as they provide many benefits. Among them are not only reduced water consumption and increased bathroom hygiene, but also prestigious appearance and ease of use. This can be seen, for example, in the examples of designer faucets SCHELL XERIS E or MODUS E. Advanced solutions also offer intelligent programs to prevent the multiplication of dangerous microorganisms in the system. The increasing functionality of electronic faucets means that the range of their applications today goes beyond the traditional bathroom area, as evidenced by faucets such as SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen faucets. Sustainable solutions guarantee economical management of water and energy, while being very easy to install. On the other hand, wherever electronic mixers cannot be used for some reason, self-closing faucets and SCHELL control valves can be used.


SCHELL MODUS E electronic wall-mounted spout

© Schell

Greater hygiene with less water consumption

Electronic faucets maximize water savings thanks to an infrared actuation mechanism and a low flow volume, which, for example, in the case of the SCHELL XERIS E faucet is only 3 l/min. The water flow occurs when the hand is brought close to the sensor and closes automatically when the hand is removed. Water flows when it is needed and in the amount required to flush the hands. Consequently, the waste of water at the stage of hand soaping or adjusting the water flow disappears. Economy goes hand in hand with comfort in this case, thanks to the built-in mixer or thermostat. In addition, SCHELL offers electronic faucets whose flow rate has been reduced to the minimum required by environmental certification programs such as LEED or BREEAM. Such stringent savings requirements are met, for example, by MODUS E sink faucets with a dedicated aerator that minimizes the flow rate to just 1.3 l/min. Touchless actuation also contributes to reducing the amount of water needed to wash the mixer bodies. The carefully contoured surfaces of SCHELL faucets made of high-quality brass are very easy to clean. Perfectly smooth surfaces and streamlined shapes make it easier for water to run off, which prevents unsightly stains. The fashion for economy and hygiene means that electronic faucets are now used even in kitchen areas, where cleanliness is an absolute requirement. The GRANDIS E kitchen faucet was developed with such applications in mind.


SCHELL GRANDIS E electronic kitchen faucet

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Intelligent hygiene in the kitchen

Unique on the market, the SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen mixer combines the advantages of a traditional single-lever faucet with the infrared control function typical of electronic sanitary solutions. Due to the touchless actuation, both hands and the housing remain clean at all times. This not only increases the hygiene of use, but also eliminates the possibility of transmission of dirt and pathogenic germs. The functionality of the solution is also due to carefully considered design details, such as the spout rotation limiter or the ability to power the mixer from the mains or alkaline batteries. The GRANDIS E mixer is also equipped with an automatic anti-stagnation flush program common to many SCHELL electronic solutions. The benefits of this feature will be appreciated by both individual users and building administrators. Regular flushing of the system after a prolonged outage or according to an individual schedule helps prevent the proliferation of potentially dangerous bacteria. The intelligent solution can be easily combined with the SCHELL SWS water system management system.


SCHELL SWS electronic mixer control system

© Schel

Economical in every respect

SCHELL electronic faucets can be installed at any time and in any room thanks to alkaline battery-powered versions, which only need to be connected to the water system. Their energy-saving electronic modules consume only 0.3 watts of energy in standby mode, so the batteries do not require frequent replacement. Considering that this type of mixer reduces water consumption by as much as 70% compared to traditional single-lever faucets, the balance is very favorable. The easy installation of SCHELL faucets is plug&play. Each is pre-programmed and ready to use. If you need to adapt to the type of building or room use, you can also easily make individual settings for range, discharge time or program automatic anti-stagnation flushing after a certain amount of time since last use. Programming is done manually or with a smartphone and a Bluetooth® SSC module connected to the faucet. The greatest capability, however, is provided by the SWS water management system, which networks all of the building's electronic fixtures via a central server. This makes it possible to program them centrally, monitor their operation and control water and energy consumption.

Central management of smart fixtures

The innovative SCHELL SWS plumbing management system makes it possible to network, program and monitor the operation of all SCHELL electronic fittings in a building, such as sink faucets, shower faucets, toilet cisterns and urinals via a central server. With the ability to set stagnant flushing after a set period of time since the last use or to carry out periodic thermal disinfection, the solution ensures maximum hygiene of the drinking water system, while consuming it in an ecological and economical way. The amount of water that is flushed through the system has been reduced to the necessary minimum. A complete overview of water and energy consumption makes it possible to assess what expenses and savings are associated with the operation of electronic fittings, and then make the necessary optimization work. The ideal complement to the SWS water management system is the cloud service - SMART.SWS. With access to a clear and intuitive-to-use panel, the user can review the operational parameters of water systems in several different buildings at the same time, anytime and anywhere.


SCHELL COMFORT angle control valves

© Schell

Additional savings with control valves

Wherever the use of electronic fittings is not possible, consider installing self-closing solutions, such as the MODUS SC faucet, new to the range, which provides up to 65% savings compared to single-lever fittings. You can also take advantage of the simplest and cheapest way to reduce water consumption, which is the installation of SCHELL COMFORT control valves, which allow you to initially reduce water consumption even before it reaches the tap point. All you have to do is reduce the flow volume with the handy COMFORT knob. SCHELL valves are made of water-resistant materials and have a special lubrication chamber that protects their mechanism from seizure. As a result, they work lightly and trouble-free even after many years. Proper water flow control with SCHELL COMFORT control valves translates into savings of up to 40%.

SCHELL electronic mixers are the perfect combination of modern electronics and robust construction. The bodies are manufactured from high-grade brass in a forging process, rather than casting from a mold, which ensures their superior resistance to damage. This makes them an excellent investment for years to come with no additional repair costs.

For more information, visit the company's SCHELL Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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